As virility?

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Unfortunately, potency problems are not uncommon among the male population.Statistics show that over the past few years, the problem with the frequent sex lives.So many men are interested in the question of how to increase the potency.After intimate sphere - a very important aspect of human life.

reasons for the decline of potency

Before considering the question of how to increase the potency, is acquainted with the main causes of decline or even extinction.

  • Quite often problems with erectile dysfunction cause various inflammatory and chronic diseases of the pelvic organs, including the prostate.
  • The reasons may lie in metabolic disorders, as well as changes in hormonal and endocrine disorders, including diabetes.
  • on the state of the reproductive system directly affects alcohol abuse, smoking and use of drugs and anabolic steroids.
  • Not least among the reasons for decline takes potency and emotional state man.Constant stress, chronic nervous stress, lack of normal sleep and nutrition problems in the relationship between the partners - all of which can affect libido, causing problems with sexual life.

is worth noting that approximately 95% of cases can be virility.But in any case the lack of a normal erection and sexual desire becomes a constant, is to seek help from a specialist.

How to restore potency?

If you have problems with erectile dysfunction, especially if they are ongoing, the best way - is to consult a doctor.Of course, with such intimate problems are sometimes uncomfortable to ask for help, but a qualified specialist can tell us how virility.First we need to get tested and undergo a series of studies.After problems with potency, as a rule, it is only a symptom.

If a man has any genital diseases or malfunctions of a system, then all efforts should be directed precisely on their treatment.To diagnose the problem on your own is almost impossible.If necessary, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics or hormonal means.If the cause of emotional overstrain or any psychological trauma, it can help an experienced therapist.

How virility at home?

course, medical treatment (if the doctor found evidence for it) is necessary.But something can be done independently.First you need to give up bad habits, including smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

on health status positively affect outdoor exercise and sports (in reasonable quantities).Do not forget about proper nutrition - diet should be balanced and contain all the necessary nutrients.If necessary, you can take a multivitamin complexes.

Pay attention to your clothing.Remember that underwear should be entirely of natural materials - synthetic negatively affect the skin condition and performance of the reproductive system.Constant wearing too narrow trousers or underwear can also affect the quality of sex life.

Potency can be enhanced by using the ancient knowledge and traditions.It's no secret that in ancient Greece, men used a substance called aphrodisiacs.These substances stimulate the reproductive system, enhances sexual desire.These aphrodisiacs can be found in almost every kitchen.For example, it is considered to be an effective means of honey and walnuts.It is also useful products include coconut, asparagus, parsley and figs.

There are also special exercises, regular performance of which helps to improve mood and increase potency.