Alexander: the name and description of its effect

meaning of the name Alexander is well known.It is one of the most popular not only in Russia but also in Europe, which uses derivatives of this beautiful Greek name.Of course, the famous personality immediately reminded Alexander of Macedon.Ancient commander praised for its legendary exploits the name and wrote it down in the annals of world history and culture.

made a lot of great Alexander.The value of his name to read a very simple and transparent.Greek "Alex" means "to protect", well, "Andros" - a man, a husband.That is, roughly speaking, Alexander - a mighty and courageous defender.Russian history is enough to remember Alexander Suvorov and Alexander Nevsky to understand how well suited the famous general of the name.

Initially, vernacular form of the name was: Leksandr.In Russian Alexander can call Sasha, Sanya, Sanka, Shura, Shurik and other diminutive nicknames.In the English-speaking world is, of course, Alex, in Spanish - Alejandro, the Italians - Alessandro.But in any form is a very recognizable name.

Alexander: characterization of the name corresponds to its value

Children wearing this name, grow healthy, strong men.They are extremely determined, successful both in school and at work and creativity.And, accordingly, receive the admiration and recognition of others.

Whatever Alexander grew up, a characteristic of his name implies the existence of artistry in kind, generous (but to a reasonable level, without sacrifice).This, by the way, is always quite poetic, sometimes even romantic nature, eager to believe in truth, justice, truth, friendship.

Girls like Alexander.Feature name implies difficulties in relations, sometimes windy and commitment to the poetic side of the relationship, the ability and willingness gallant and very beautiful to look.He will never forget the door open before the girl, apply a coat, showered flowers on a date to come clean-shaven.Quite often Sasha dream of love rather than the love really is.And win their heart is extremely difficult.So that by the end you should not trust them.

way, Alexandra, usually - people noble, fair, loyal to his friends and relatives, they always help and unable to throw them in the lurch.In fact, also for this reason that they have enough friends, and friends of the faithful, responsible respect.Alexandria out good managers and leaders, good leaders.Perhaps the desire for leadership - one of the strongest features of this name.

What if your dad, husband or brother - Alexander?Feature name suggests that they are good fathers who love both its own and other people's children.Anyway, the name itself implies something very beautiful, proud, majestic, strong and courageous.Stones talisman for it is, as you may guess, Alexander, and mascot - chestnut.Color name - red as the cloak of the famous Greek commander.By the way, the name of the best Virgo and Taurus, perfectly interwoven with the personal qualities of the signs of the zodiac.

Men, bearing the name of Alexander, incompatible with Ekaterina, Elena, Svetlana, Alevtina, Lydia and Zinaida.With everyone else could get a good union.