Classic cheesecake with cottage cheese without baking

Summer heat ... In this weather include oven just do not want.It then turns into a kitchen hot shop smelter.On the other hand, I want to treat yourself and loved ones some tasty homemade desserts.There is an exit!This cheesecake with cottage cheese without baking.Recipes of the dishes mankind has accumulated a lot.Another thing is that these cheesecakes prepared (as the name implies) with cream cheese.But here we modify the classic recipe, and will use the cottage.This is what we and cheaper meal, and reduce its calorie content of 600 kcal to 400 per serving.Classic cheese cheesecake is a two-layer cake.It serves the lower layer of "test", and top - tender souffle.Perfect dessert for a summer tea party!

basic recipe bases

The French believe that the first cheesecake with cottage cheese was born without baking them, in the province of Normandy.British dispute this and argue that the cooled cheesecake recipe invented in Albion.Whatever it was, but the dessert, for which you want to stock up on plenty of fat cottage cheese and cream, could be born only in the area where the green endless meadows numerous herds roam fat cows.In America, the cheesecake is baked, and in the Old World, it is prepared without the use of the oven.For the lower stratum take 250 grams of shortbread and ground it into fine crumbs with a rolling pin or a blender.Half a pack of butter heated.Pour them crumbs and mix.We spread a lot in a circular shape with removable bumpers and properly compacted.This framework is used for all cheesecakes, including for the US, which are then baked.

Ideas for test bases

basic recipe (normal shortbread and melted butter) can be supplemented.Excellent harmony with chocolate cream cheese.You can rub the tile into crumbs, pour oil and mix.The easiest option - to use a chocolate cookie.Berries with curds - a classic of the genre.Transfer it to the cake.A handful of blueberries or raspberries will add to the bowl of a blender and Peremel their cookies.Here is another idea borrowed from the Italian dessert tiramisu.Cookies Savoiardi (or any dry biscuits) to dip in the second brewed organic coffee with liqueur.We spread into a square shape our basis for cheesecake.The recipe without baking with cheese means that the top layer you are ready.We spread the cheese souffle and put the cake to cool in the refrigerator for several hours.During this time, tarnished coffee Savoiardi should start with curd in a strong alliance.

cheese layer

squeezed into a glass of juice of one lemon.Add three teaspoons of gelatin.We put in a water bath to dissolve the crystals.Then add a quarter cup of sugar.Continue to stir until dissolved, and it is.Two cups of whipping cream whisk, gradually adding 225 grams and 250 grams of mascarpone cream cheese.At the end we pour a packet of vanilla.Putting a creamy mass with the dissolved gelatin in lemon juice.All knead well and fill the bottom layer.The flip side of the blade flatten the surface.So prepare cheese cheesecake.The recipe for the classic cottage cheese without baking can replace two expensive ingredient per pound of cheese.However, it should be as bold.And before whisking it must be rubbed through a sieve.After cooling, the cake can be decorated with icing sugar and berries.

Cherry Cheesecake Cookies and cottage cheese without baking

In principle, any recipe of this dessert cake lower preparing the same.We melt the butter in a saucepan and pour it crumbled cookies.It depends on you and the amount, in fact, the thickness of the lower layer.If you follow the figure and you want to create the most light dessert, take 200 grams of biscuits, wholemeal.In order to create a stable layer is sufficiently 90 g of butter.Four lemon wash and cut off a fine grater zest.In a separate bowl squeezing juice.Mix the zest with a bundle of ricotta curds and six spoonfuls of sugar.One hundred and fifty milliliters of culinary vzobem cream, combine with cheese mass.Stir with a wooden spoon need!The lemon juice will add three and a half teaspoons of gelatin and, as in the previous recipe, bring to a thickening in a water bath.We connect two components, pour in the cake.When the cheesecake stand up at least two hours in the refrigerator, takes over the cooking cherry sauce.Four hundred grams of fruit in syrup is cooked over low heat until the liquid has evaporated three quarters.When the sauce has cooled, Spill it on a cake and then put in the fridge.

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake without baking with cheese

basis for preparing the cake, it was only three in the liver chocolate bar.In half a glass of cold water soak 30 g of gelatin.While it swells, rub 400 grams of fat cottage cheese with a glass of sugar.Heat up on low heat for another chocolate bar with two tablespoons of milk.Spill to the curd and mix blender.Bowl of gelatin put in a water bath and stir to dissolve the crystals.Separately, beat 400g of fat sour cream.Without stopping the mixer, add the cottage cheese and pour the gelatin.On the basis of the pastry put a little filling.Dub.On curd put whole strawberries.Carefully pour the remaining berry filling.Shocked shape or hit it on the table - then the excess air bubbles come out and the cake will be flat.Leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

Striped cheesecake

When the foundation is ready, rub through a sieve pound of cheese.The same amount of sour cream knead with 300 grams of sugar.Add to cream cheese.Three hundred grams of blueberries stretch our.Half of cheese laid out in a berry sauce, stir.Prepare gelatin.Add it equally on both portions of curd cream.Now, on the basis of the souffle biscuit spread alternately in different colors.Since purple in its structure more fluid, should be at the top of it, a white covering.Striped blueberry cheesecake with cottage cheese without baking hide in the refrigerator for five hours.Decorate with whipped cream.

Coffee Cheesecake

Cottage cheese (400 g), forced through a sieve.Prepare the coffee from two teaspoons of instant powder and a minimum amount of boiling water.Add to cream cheese cup sour cream, vanilla bag, and three tablespoons of sugar.Fill coffee and a glass of liquor (best Bayliss).This mass whisk mixer for ten minutes.Spread on the basis of oiled cookie.Put the coffee cheesecake with cottage cheese without baking in the refrigerator for 2-6 hours.Three half tile of dark chocolate shavings large.Decorate it our dessert.If desired, sprinkle the top and sides of our dessert with powdered sugar.

Cheesecake candy "Cow┬╗

For the filling soak 30 g of gelatine in half a glass of cold water.After 20 minutes, put the dishes on a water bath and stir until crystals dissolve.To not frozen jelly, leave the dishes in boiling water.Two hundred grams of "Ladybird" purify by labels, put in a saucepan, pour half a glass of milk.Pour a bag of vanilla and six spoonfuls of sugar.Saucepan set on fire and stir until mixture is smooth.Beat 400 g of cheese, 200 grams of fat sour cream with caramel mass.Pour the dissolved gelatin.Again stir.We pour the filling on the base of the pastry.Remove the cheesecake from cottage cheese with gelatin (without baking, you could make sure to cook it simply) in the refrigerator overnight.