Catching on noodle - one hundred percent catch pike perch in winter and summer.

Fishing - not just a vacation with friends on the river with a guitar, and first of all the ancient fishing, thanks to which our ancestors were fed their children.A true fisherman fishing happy, but it almost never eats.After all, the process itself is important.From this fishermen get great pleasure.Certainly, Fishing Rods, as a kind of outdoor activities over the years evolved.In place of the primitive tools of catching fish come modern telescopic rods, spinning rods, etc.Progress touched and bait with which the fish get hooked.They are so numerous that a detailed description will take a lot of time.Our goal is to acquaint fans with extravagant fishing lure called "noodle."The fact that not every native fisherman, even with experience, can explain what is a given type of bait.After catching on noodle becomes popular among anglers.Some believe that the name of bait means its deceptive behavior in the water.However, the name probably came from the way of fishing for this type of bait.When the process of the fisherman lowers "noodle" on the bottom and bangs her while rising curtain of turbidity, which attracts fish.Fishing is best in the winter noodle.As soon as the river began to ice fish is aggressive and quick to respond to tempting bait.Perch - one of the main predators fan of "play" with the bulldozer.However, this does not mean that the bait is not used in the summer, when the waters are ice-free.So, catching on noodle summer implies a hunting big pike from a boat in a plumb.This type of bait is the lead body in the form of a ball and two leash hook.In addition to tees skewer small dead fishes and rattle the bottom of deep wells.

Any fisherman who used in his practice, this bait will argue that catching on noodle - an exciting adventure that will give you lots of positive emotions and a good catch of fish straight from the tin."Balda" fairly easy to build yourself.For the first time fit brass meppsovskie grooved cores.Hooks can be attached to the lure body by means of soldering wire.This type of bait is really good "plays" in the water, mimicking the movement thoroughly aquatic life.The main thing to remember when independent manufacturing lures one rule - the case of "noodle" must be absolutely symmetrical.To achieve such a result need to load and some bullet shaped hooks with beads.

While some fishermen are skeptical of such a plan to the bait, fishing on the noodle has many advantages.Primarily bait and heavy in seconds is on the bottom in deep water.Elementary passes through the sludge in the well.Secondly, the hooks do not need an additional stick bait.Thus, saving valuable time and hands are warm.The main advantage is the process itself.She knock on the bottom, are raising a cloud of dregs, which attracts fish.After this stirring water dwellers find hooks that are mistaken for small crustaceans and fun into the battle.That is why the fishing noodle on the most successful way to catch active fish.Pretty good takes, "noodle", so-called "white" fish.

Many fishing enthusiasts prefer to buy bait in specialized stores, but experienced anglers, personally made "noodle" in accordance with their preferences.According to the observations of experienced fishermen from the color gamut depends on the preference of fish bait.For example, red and white "noodle" attract bream, rudd and roach.If you want to catch a predator, best suited coloring of dark tones.