How to cook a cake with strawberries in multivarka?

Cake with strawberries is not only very beautiful, but delicious and nutritious dessert.Such useful sweet dish of berries, you can easily cook breakfast for their children.It should also be noted that this simple baked cheesecake dessert multivarka 80 minutes.

How to prepare your own cheese cake with strawberry

Necessary ingredients:

  • coarse rustic cottage cheese - 300 g;
  • large chicken eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • sugar sand - 1.5 faceted glass;
  • yogurt 3% - ¾ cup;
  • vegetable oil - 4 large spoons;
  • wheat flour (premium only) - 2 full cups;
  • baking powder for the dough - 1 bag or 2 dessert spoons;
  • frozen or fresh strawberries (the latter is preferable) - 200 g

process of mixing bases

To cupcake with strawberry turned out air and gentle, the foundation recommended to cook, as described below.It should take 3 large eggs, break them, thus expanding the whites and yolks of different utensils.Thereafter, the last required faceted pour 1.5 cup sugar, add 3% yogurt and carefully mix everything blender to loose sweet product is completely melted.It is further recommended to whip the egg whites in a standing foam, using a hand-whisk.Once both components are ready, they should immediately join together.

Cake with strawberries get much tastier and air, if it add to the coarse cheese.Then pour the basis desirable vegetable oil, add disintegrant bag and a suitable amount of wheat flour.As a result, you should get a fragrant air mass a creamy consistency.

The processing of strawberries

Curd cake with strawberries requires the use of only fresh berries.But if you decide to do such an unusual dessert is not in the summer, then this dish can be applied to frozen products.Thus, the strawberries should be washed, cleaned of stalks, then cut in half.After that the berries (preferably in the form of a whole) to send to the previously prepared dough from cottage cheese and eggs.However, if you want fresh or frozen strawberries can be ground in a blender or just to stretch.

Cheese cake with strawberries in multivarka: thermal treatment

Before baking a dessert bowl of the kitchen unit must be thoroughly oiled.After that, the dishes must be fully prepared to pour the entire cottage cheese and strawberry basis.Next multivarku required to cover, including the program "Bake" and set timer for 60 minutes.During this time, the cake should be well prepared.But in order to make it look like a pudding air, after the heat treatment device, without opening, it is desirable to leave the mode of heating for another 20 minutes.

correct Serve

Curd cake with berries desirable to provide breakfast in the cold with jam or marmalade.It is also worth noting that before Multivarki get dessert, be sure to wait for it to cool down completely, otherwise a hot dish "will spread."