Vladimir Putin: A Biography of the President of the future

At the end of the last century, few people in Russia knew the name of Putin.His biography was unknown, it was a narrow circle of people, of which only a limited number of close friends could tell though cocoa is information.Constant despite this, his life during this period there have been major changes, which subsequently affected the country as a whole.

Childhood and adolescence

associated with Leningrad most of the life of Vladimir Putin.Here he was born in 1952.His brother, who was older, had died at an early age in a blockade.Volodya grew up athletic boy.Very fond of some martial arts (especially sambo and judo), a passion to which he did not lose today.It always helps to be in good physical shape.

university years

First, Putin graduated from the law faculty of Leningrad State University in 1975.About the years spent there, it is little known.He himself said that was not a very good student, loved to drink beer with friends.Then he was sent to military service, where he graduated from the Higher School of the KGB.Continued studies related to the Red Banner Institute, which graduated from Vladimir Putin.Biography further developed by sleduyuschimu scenario.


most mysterious landmark in the life of Putin.He was on a business trip in the GDR from 1985 to 1990.Clearly, this was due to the intelligence activities of the future president, so the materials are hidden.


Beginning his political career in 1991, again due to the hometown.The Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg, was appointed head of Vladimir Putin.Biography has developed in such a way that he still had a chance to work the deputy chairman of the government of the northern capital.


1996 was a turning point in the life of the president.He moved to the capital, which began to take shape is a new biography of Putin.Briefly, this period can be described fast career growth.For some time he was deputy chief of staff of the President, and then in 1998 began to work again in his department, which is now called the FSB.A little later, a year later, Putin became Prime Minister soon.


December 31, Yeltsin announces his resignation.By law, the acting becomes acting chairman of the Government, that is Putin.Then, in March 2000, the popular vote, he became President of Russia.We will not give comments and ratings that Putin has done for the country.Biography It is now important for us.In the post, he was a two-term, that is 8 years old.4 Then he worked at the familiar position of Prime Minister.

new term

current Constitution prohibits the President to be just over 2 consecutive terms.Therefore, in 2012, Putin once again goes to the polls and wins.The presidential term is increased to six years, so by 2018 will remain in office Putin.Biography was such that he decided to divorce his wife, Lyudmila, as was officially announced in the media.


was married, the divorce, said publicly on one of the federal TV channels, as already mentioned.She has two children, whose name is Catherine and Mary.