Excess fat on the sides?

Needless to say, sometimes the extra fat on the sides can spoil the impression of even the most slender figure.To form the waist and remove excess fat from it is possible by means of the hoop.Here are just twist it must be at least 45 minutes a day.There are other exercises more about them ...

Harvesting hips using dumbbells

Do tilts from side to side.

muscle groups: obliques

Technique: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.We lean to the right and left arm lift above his head.Then return to the starting position.And we do the same thing to the left.Make to 10 times in each direction.

This exercise can be complicated.To do this, take a dumbbell, arms down along the body, and tilt from side to side.Hands with the lift is not necessary.

exercises sides without burdening

1. Movement of the body from side to side

muscle groups: obliques

Technique: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.Hands can be raised to the waist or shoulder level (it depends on your training).Hips remain stationary.Move to the right shoulder, pull the body after them.Then return to the starting position.Perform 10 times on each side.

2. The slopes of the lifting knee

muscle groups: obliques, hips and buttocks

Technique: Stand with your feet wide apart.Bend your knees and squat to the level of the chair, hands clasped at the same time in the castle and are in the right thigh.Straightened, describing a semicircle through the left hand side so that they were above his head (it turns out that you describe a semicircle hands).Leg raises to the level of the thigh.Make 10-15 times for each leg.

3. «Bicycle»

muscle groups: obliques and hip

Technique: Lie on the floor.Hands behind your head, legs bent at the knees and raised.We are drawn right elbow to the left knee and vice versa.So it is necessary to make 20 to 30 times.

4. Side ups

muscle groups: obliques and hip


4.1 Lie on your right side and slide your right hand behind your head.Expand the shoulders so that you can see the ceiling.Start doing upgrades.Make to 15 times on each side.

4.2 This exercise can be modified, and received a second.Lie on your right side.The right hand is in front of you, the left - over his head.Simultaneously raise your legs and do the slope of the body to the left so as to obtain a kind of horseshoe.Repeat 10 times on each side.

4.3 and the latest version of the side lifts.Lie on your right side.Will serve as a pillar of the right elbow.The left hand sides.Raise the trunk so as to obtain a straight line.You will have two points of support - the outer side of the elbow and foot.Instead, the elbow can be based on a direct hand.It all depends on your level of fitness.Climb as 7-10 times.

Here are some simple exercises to remove your side.Despite its apparent simplicity, they are perfectly working on the necessary muscle groups.

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