How to pour the liquid floor with their hands?

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When there is a question of replacing or updating the flooring in the home, we have to choose from such a variety that the head can go around.What does the market?And laminates and traditional tree, and the use of various types of linoleum, the floor and even liquid.The hands or using gang masters can easily transform any room.

Why choose self-leveling floors

Such a serious process as the restoration of flooring, made much less frequently than other types of repairs.Therefore, the approach to the choice of material is usually seriously and thoroughly, than, for example, to replace the wallpaper.

On what factors should pay attention to?Of course, important ceiling height.If it is inadequate, difficult to use in the laying of the floor joists, because it will reduce the volume of the room.For these rooms the ideal solution would be a good linoleum flooring or bulk liquid polyurethane.

To be renovated in the nursery?What could be better than a multi-colored coat with 3D-effect?Sequins and pictures of favorite cartoon, divorce, or geometric designs in upbeat colors - any ideas you can bring to life, pouring liquid floor with their hands.The main thing - to follow certain rules.

The living room and master bedroom, children's rooms and in the bathroom, with a volume effect and a monochrome liquid pouring floors can be a highlight of any interior.

Is it possible to "pour" the floors?

Among the self-leveling compounds following types:

  • ready dry cement compositions;
  • products based on epoxy resins;
  • polyurethane;
  • cement and acrylic;
  • methyl methacrylate;
  • synthetic.

If any of them at a dilution add water glass floor, the composition will be more robust and resistant to moisture.Normally this technique is used in the device of floors on an industrial scale or in the construction of swimming pools.All these compounds differ not only in composition, but also low: synthetic expensive, and less cement.

after dilution with water in the proportions specified in the instructions and pre-preparation of the main floor is poured into the mixture in small portions to the desired surface observing technology.Fill Effects are similar to each other and have minor differences.A couple of days after curing the liquid turns a warm floor.


Before working with the finishing liquid coating should carefully prepare the base surface.Usually do preliminary concrete floor.When a large area of ​​space exhibit proficiency beacons.The standard room pull metal strings, which displays a horizontal surface.Once the base coat is ready, you can begin to label tape amortization.

If you intend to fill the floor with the remnants of ceramic tiles, you must first remove all of the pieces that are poorly kept.The resulting vacuum seal the cement mixture.After hardening all the old surface degreased and coated with a special primer.This is to better adhesion and prevent the formation of bubbles on the surface finish.

How to fill the wooden floor structure

When preparing wood surfaces for new liquid coating device performs the following actions:

  • completely remove varnish and paint by mechanical means;
  • large sandpaper or sanding rough planks to make the presence of grooves and scratches that improve coupling with an oil composition;
  • conducted thorough removal of dust and dirt;
  • old floor is dried;
  • recommended to use an additional reinforcing nylon mesh;
  • pour the liquid on the floor wood floor should be the most thick, as this will reduce the risk of cracking during the operation.

The rest of the process of working with the building material is not different from applying a liquid on a concrete screed floor.

Technological features of this method

How to make a liquid floor with their hands to get warm and seamless coverage?Carefully prepare the base, removing all rubbish, dust and grease stains, you can start tier and fragmentary marking the work site.

All work on pouring liquid floor should be performed at temperatures above zero.The room should be warm at least up to 10 degrees.Otherwise the composition will flow at a slower rate, that affect the quality of the coating.

When the device floor indoor plumbing into the potting mix you can add water glass.This applies to the casting of the cement mixture.Thus, accidentally spilled water does not seep through the coating down to the neighbors, but will remain on the surface.

It is important at the stage of preparatory work to glue around the perimeter of the room a special tape.It has to go around every corner, pipe openings and reliefs doorposts.

Why absorbing layer

sex as a liquid to fill?Damper polyethylene tape is self-adhesive layer on the back and on the front protective edge.Through-adhesive strip is attached to the joints of the walls and foundations of the floor.The edge prevents wicking finish composition in a buffer zone between the wall and a mixture thereof.

To save, pouring liquid floor in the bathroom, sometimes using thermal or propylene film with a thickness of 10 mm.It certainly needs to be done to create a shrink layer.It softens the inevitable distortion with changes in temperature or shrinkage bearing structures at home.The presence of such amortization is a guarantee of durability of the inlet cover.

Good quality liquid glass

Can long list advantages of a substance which, in fact, is an aqueous solution of sodium silicate.Receive it after firing, crushing and subsequent dissolving in water a mixture of silica sand and soda.

Liquid glass floor is no different from that used in the chemical, soap, textile and engineering industries, agriculture and medicine.In the construction of this substance is used for waterproofing foundations, walls, swimming pools.It is recommended to add this versatile material in the cement-concrete mix during the initial device ties before pouring liquid floor with their hands.

If ceilings and walls of the room to handle such a composition, it never formed mold and mildew.In addition, the refractory material will provide an excellent protection of any material, whether wood, cloth or cardboard.

How to make excellent coverage?

So sex as a liquid to fill?Carefully prepared base dry out sufficiently and cleaned to a shine.The entire surface otgruntovana thoroughly laid damper tape.Beacons placed leveled and made final marking territory.Prepared means for aligning the composition -wide jagged and narrow spatula.There are special rollers for piercing a liquid mixture of random and release of air bubbles, as well as special footwear sole so as not to damage the coating raw legs.

can now raise the working mixture.This is done in strict accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.To start container filled with water, and then only in small portions and evenly filled polyurethane dry substance.Stir it can be using a drill and a special nozzle.

If you do the opposite, and pour in the water, it can form clots.This has a negative impact on the quality of the coating.A mixture was prepared with use, especially if the work is carried out in a room with a large area.

Is that all?

usually pouring liquid floor is made in two stages:

  • first to tie the first layer is applied to a greater thickness;
  • after its complete drying poured a second, final layer.

If you want to get a three-dimensional image on the floor between the two stages do the following: the selected pattern printed on special film, which is fixed to the "shirt" of the first layer.Then pour the final image transparent composition.ALWAYS accidental release of any air bubbles.At this stage, use rollers with small needles.By just poured and rolled flat areas this device.

is important to consider all the above points.Otherwise, the result may turn out not so perfect as expected, because the technique - it's almost a law!