How delicious fish fry?

As is known, the fish in the diet should include at least two or three times a week.From it you can cook a lot of different dishes.The most popular of cold appetizers - aspic and marinated fish.A classic dish is the first, of course, fragrant ear.A variety of second and say no.The simplest of them - fried fish.But not all novice mistress know all the rules of cooking rosy slices.In this article we will talk about how delicious the fish fry.Perhaps useful recommendations useful and experienced cooks who know a lot about "fish" cases.

main secrets of how tasty fish fry

Product Quality

buying fish, pay attention to the freshness - is the key to successfully preparing meals.The sea is usually sold frozen.But, given the rules of how to fry tasty river fish, it is better to opt for live specimens.

cleaning and gutting

Marine fish sold gutted and cleaned, you should only remove the larger fins and rinse well with the interior of the abdomen.Above the river have to work hard.To make it easier to clean the scales, the fish should be rubbed salt.Be especially careful when removing the intestines, as there is a risk to damage the gallbladder (in this case, immediately rinse the pulp to avoid rancidity).From the head of the fish it is necessary to remove the gills.

What should be the thickness of the pieces?

One of the secrets of how delicious roast fish, depending on the size of the product.Small river and some varieties of sea (eg capelin) to better prepare a whole, being careful not to overcook.Big fish must first be cut into pieces.Portion portion should have a thickness of about three centimeters.A larger amount should be after frying to conduct additional processing (bake in the oven or deep skillet stew in gravy).


Any fried fish will taste better if it is in advance (half-hour before cooking) prisolit.For one kilogram of the product takes about a tablespoon of salt, and before starting work nyzhno fish with cold water and fold in a colander to drain the fluid.To pre-marinating can also use spices to taste - pepper, seasoning for fish, dried herbs, and others.

it better to use - batter or flour?

deciding how delicious roast fish, you certainly think about the method of breading.Use one of the following: the batter to produce crisp, powder of dried bread or flour.The first method is most suitable for cooking small pieces of juicy boneless.The second - a more traditional and is considered universal for all types of fish.In many recipes found an interesting interpretation of the batter - preliminary enveloping pieces first in beaten egg and then in flour.

How delicious red fish to fry?

Stop the choice in this situation to bake in the oven or on the grill.As a result, you get a festive meal with great taste.Want to get a satisfying meal and volume?Overlaid fish, laid in the form of potato slices and sprinkle cheese on top.Wonderful full lunch is ready!Bon Appetit!