Fashion trends Dresses for prom

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With summer comes the time of school graduation balls, which is so important to prepare well.

Therefore, we continue to acquaint you with the fashion trends of dresses for prom 2008.

Many stylists believe the rules of this season at least lace dress with a landmark waiver trouser sets, lack of inspirational fabrics like brocade and fairly restrained decor.

secular classics

course, many traditionally prefer to choose a long ceremonial dresses that we used to take evening.

Silhouette them and this year is a classic: a narrow bodice (though without hard corset), enough skirts in layers of decorative or bulk folds completely open shoulders or a thin neat straps.

peculiarity of the current season (or, rather, the influence of the seasonal fashion trends) is a fairly bright color palette of elegant evening gowns.

This blue, yellow, red, cyclamic, green, orange and orange, as well as quieter solid, pearl, beige.Among the proposed

clear favorite fabrics - chiffon.It is light, well-draped, airy, multi-layer, solid color or with a variety of prints.

It chiffon creates the necessary feeling of freshness, romance, tenderness and at the same time looks very elegant.

Train Princess

with secular classics largely overlaps one of the most interesting seasonal trends - dresses with trains, similar to ball gowns and noble daughters, and dresses fairy princess.

It looks very elegant, festive, elegant and romantic, and therefore perfectly suited for the occasion like prom.

By and large, it's just - asymmetrically tailored skirt whose hemline goes back literally to the floor, and the front can be up to mid-calf and knee, and even on the palm or two above the knee.

As a result, it turns a kind of trail, which at the same time does not interfere and does not create obstacles to the movement.

On the edge of a line can be trimmed with small ruffles, delicate ruffles, piping.Hem of the dress can be slightly gathered on kuliske or is curled inward like a tulip skirt.

This will give the splendor of such a skirt and enhance the romantic mood of your outfit as a whole.

Delicate flowers

floral print in this fashion season is one of the most important elements, so it seems natural to use this item in dresses for prom.

And yet, this trend should still be approached with caution.The fact that the hit of the season is a very large and very bright floral prints.

This is a great choice for summer clothing as such (especially holiday), but the ball dresses require more soft and gentle appearance.

Excess diversity here would be out of place, but at the same time, do not give up and most of floral patterns.

Moreover, in the collections of leading fashion houses have interesting offers which can be taken as a model for their own outfits.

For example, one of the important ways of decor - a voluminous flowers with delicate petals of delicate fabrics that are in creative disarray scattered across the surface of the board.

Another option - floral prints in one color with the main cloth, but a tone or two darker or lighter.It turns elegant and very elegant.

"Paradise birds"

Many stylists advise to choose this season is very light, soft, feminine decor with no frills - no sequins, sequins, bugle beads, ribbons.

It concerns and elegant dresses for special occasions, including - for the prom.

And yet, there is a possibility to decorate your chosen model dress (or other orders, if you still want something more than the original).

example, the absolute hit of the season in terms of decoration are feathers.

Thin, delicate, trembling even easy breathing, exciting and romantic.They are relevant today in any subject of ladies' clothes and on any piece of clothing.

most traditional - it's easy on the boa neckline.And strip of paradise feathers can be on the neckline both front and rear.

asymmetrical neckline can also be decorated in such a magnificent boa.It turns out, as it were a double effect: there is asymmetry, and expensive decoration.

But more characteristic of youth style decoration feathers at the hem line.If there is also a lush skirt, like a young lady floating in a cloud of light - beautiful and truly romantic.

short selection

First of all, we should pay attention to the fact that the elegant and interesting look dress (even small) with fashionable nowadays difficult brim.

Therefore, you can choose double and even triple skirts of different lengths and different textures of fabric, inflated waist polukorsety experiments with sleeves.

Separately be said about the frills that this season seems to live some of his private life.They are very small, because of the delicate fabrics, but are made of several layers.This creates an interesting decorative solutions and volume.

It is a mini-dresses differ abundance of ruffles in various places.And this can turn out very interesting festive image.

hand on the bag

Clutches better to choose a small, soft forms, focusing on the most soft and feminine bags, which should not look luxurious, but rather noble.

Therefore, the shape and decoration should be concise.This application can be leather or wood, perforation, edges, metal.

Of more or less bright decoration for handbags can be offered on this occasion only fashionable this season, gold or silver plating or gold chain.

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