Estimates for electrical work.

When creating any project cost estimate is an important document, which aims - to determine all the required expenses spent considering labor and materials.Electrical work play a very important role in the building, so in this case, saving money at the expense of quality is unacceptable.In this regard, it requires a serious attitude towards drawing up estimates for the electrical work.

Documentation required

to compile the estimated cost necessary BTI floor plan, attached to electrical equipment, and design of the electrical project area.Also, you need the following documents:

  • permission for power connection;
  • specifications for electrical maintenance;
  • document on the Limitation of Liability;
  • act of carrying toiletries;
  • project of electrical equipment.

should also include an explanatory note, single-line diagram of power supply (estimated) plan group networks (lighting and electrical), an additional potential equalization scheme and approval of the plan in Rostekhnadzor.

component in order, among other things, an order for electrical equipment, which includes information on the length of the wires of the manufacturer and its supporting materials.The dress is made with the same accuracy as the estimates.

Variety estimates

Estimates for electrical works are divided into two categories: summary (complex) components for the whole building, and the local (object), separately for the room.Before writing them, you need to study investment.At the same time determine the estimated cost of all works.Documents can be presented in two forms:

  • estimate calculation (contains detailed cost of overstated the level of costs);
  • estimate (calculation is performed on the design drawings).

second type allows you to make estimates for the electrical work more efficiently.

list of works

must first be described the costs of employment.This will avoid further price growth.List of works presented below.

  1. wiring installation (open) on the brackets on the surface or on the walls of plaster.
  2. wiring the corrugation (open).
  3. placement of electrical boxes on concrete, brick and plaster floor.
  4. Installation invoice raspayachnoy box.
  5. installation switches, sockets and inlays.
  6. Installation raspayachnoy boxes in plaster, brick walls and concrete.
  7. Changing triple electrical installation.
  8. Escutcheon Installation.
  9. Set button for the electric bell.
  10. Assembling an electric bell.
  11. Making holes in a gypsum (brick, concrete wall) for Escutcheon.

writing algorithm: Step 1

In compiling estimates for the electrical work is necessary to determine the exact amount of which is intended for the given event.Next, the principle of operation is described below.

  1. Get a floor plan with reference to electrical appliances.This can help BTI or studio component of the project on electrical parts.
  2. Buy permission to connect power.Make it should be in the ECD or homeowners associations.In these organizations should take the document on the division of operational responsibilities between the owner and the balance holder.
  3. Lead to standards all technical conditions, as they are strictly checked and any deviation results in failure.

writing algorithm: Stage 2

after the previous operation is necessary to make a number of important actions.

  1. Seek good specialists, electrical components of the project.At this stage, it is important to turn to the experts, because only professionally performed work can ensure the safe and continuous operation for a long time.
  2. Choose the best company that provides services for installation.To do this, ask information about it, learn about the quality of customer feedback.The estimates for the electrical work must be included these costs.
  3. find a suitable electrical appliances to include in their cost estimates.
  4. Calculate the ratio of costs and balances.If funds are not sufficient, you should make the project easier, choose a less expensive equipment.

example of estimates for the electrical work

The title of the document is written views estimates object.The front page shows the total cost, installation costs, there is the complexity of the calculated and estimated salary.More detailed information is presented in a table, divided by the number of the graph.Sample estimates for the electrical work is presented below.



LOCAL cost estimates number XXX

(kind of estimate)

Name of work

Estimated cost:


thousand. rub.

cost of installation work:


thousand. Rub.

complexity of regulations:


thousand \ h

Estimated salary:


thousand. Rub.

№ paragraphs

№ position

code and item number standard,

title of the work and expense,



Price (per unit, rub.)

entire cost (rub.)

Labour costs not occupied.obsl.machines (person-hours)




pay basic working



pay basic working

includingremuneration fur.

pay fur.

on units.


first column - a serial number, the second - position.The third indicates the code and the work itself.The fourth column is to be noted quantity.This is followed by the column with the cost of operations and cost of labor.At the end of a table summarizing, and signed by the person, an estimate, and the one who checked the (position, signature, name).

Estimating electrical work - quite troublesome and time-consuming process.Calculate its value now allow different ways of calculating: mixed, index, compensation, resource.Greatly simplify the task and to avoid mistakes use of specialized software, because of the budget depends on the cost of electrical work, and it affects the quality and duration of life of the equipment.To do everything on the highest level, you can contact the department estimated the company to design power.Experts do the work quality in the shortest time.