Who is marginal?

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You probably heard many times such a thing as "marginal", but not everyone knows the true meaning of this phenomenon.Who is marginal?Let's dispel all the myths.

Marginal - a person who, for whatever reason fell out of his familiar environment, but did not join the new stratum of society.These individuals are in limbo, mainly because of cultural disparities and for many other reasons.

History marginal

Nowadays "marginal" - a word quite fashionable, but rather uncertain.Who is marginal in fact, and how did this phenomenon?It is believed that the first marginal slaves who were freed later.Slaves were not designed to live as free people, and do not want these changes.Another example of modern marginal - it is elderly people who have stayed for many years in prison and out at will.In a completely unfamiliar circumstances, they simply can not exist as a result of returning to places not so remote.

emergence of fringe can be explained.Sooner or later the relationship between state and society obsolete, and there is a need for certain changes.For example, feudal relations are replaced by the capitalist.When new forms of relations between society have no choice as to adapt to innovations.However, society is very fragmented, there are certain classes (the bourgeoisie, the workers, peasants and so on. D.).The active members of the society more successfully implement their new relationship, but passive, poorly educated layers are simply not ready to change, they are afraid, are not able to adapt to them quickly.Thus, it appears that such a person will fall out of the system of social and state relations.The man lost his familiar surroundings and has found his calling in the new life - that one is marginal.

marginality as a phenomenon

People who do not perform any functions in society, is gradually beginning to come together.Called marginal personalities completely different classes.Basically - the remnants of different walks of life who had gone from the scene and did not find something to do in the new life.Often marginalized - it's quite uneducated people who are unable to perform any system functions because of their ignorance.

Society fringe usually is for any country a big problem, because they do not fulfill any useful action in a new format of relations.In addition, such persons are dangerous because they are beginning to rally and take a variety of protests against the current system.The margin is often create their ideology: fascism, communism, anarchism, and so on. D.

Who is marginal in reality?Normal rebel or a victim of circumstances?In essence, it is difficult to say for sure, because the way each person who became an outcast, has its own characteristics.Apparently, the first person is just under adverse conditions to lead a normal life, and only later this state of affairs results in a certain conflict with society and with himself.