Reflections on the types of dreams

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psychologist Andrew Mozharov offers a look at some types of dreams, and try to determine what they might mean.

first type, I would call «solar» dream .It usually vivid dreams, which have a variety of subjects, passing under "daylight" light.In general, they leave a positive emotional residue, lifting, inspiration.Man after such dreams may feel a surge of strength, to feel rested, refreshed.As a rule, the dreamer remembers the story of the dream and even remember it in detail.It should be noted that such dreams do not always have "happy" story, they may be chasing, fighting, quarreling, fighting, but the dreamer experiences while more excitement than fear, he may dream even die, but not necessarily in an unequal battle withenemy covered with blood in front of a large crowd, mourning the hero.These can be wide open spaces, mountains and forests, beautiful city, both modern and ancient, social events, carnivals.These dreams may consist of several parts, such as serials.If in such dreams the dreamer sees the real stories of the past days, usually everyday life in a dream is painted in more vivid and grotesque tone, and a trivial plot turns into an interesting spectacle.

What does it mean if a person often sees such dreams?Firstly, it means that the dream good job of compensation and balancing.Agree that such dreams - an adequate response to the gray weekdays, bored plots and ugly reality.Those people who have a life as "in the movie," such dreams can be quite rare.Secondly, the presence of such dreams can talk about "unspent" psychic energy.Iesitting any bank employee at the computer screen all day - work - home - work.Squeezed, canned, under the pressure of the boss, and lose the other wants: a horse in the field yes yes Dragon fight for Elena the Fair.So he fights ... a dream.And so here it is possible to express third point - if you see such dreams often do not think about whether you how to make your life brighter reality?

second type of dream I would call the moon , or rather dreaming sublunary world.They belong to the deeper layers of the unconscious.The color scheme of these dreams is fundamentally different from the sun.This dream halftone shadows, so subjects, if any, (and the lack of subjects - one of the hallmarks of such dreams) can take place against the backdrop of sunrises, sunsets, twilight, night.In the caves, in the woods, buildings, any other confined spaces.Some experts call such dreams "wet" dreams related to the water element, ultimately, to the manifestation of the feminine principle.The dreamer can swim in the sea or a lake, or it may be near the water space.In these dreams, people make love, but may appear uncertain, unclear.Plots may be different, but the energy is completely different, rather than in sunny dreams - lack of dynamics, viscosity, turbidity, routine.These dreams can be called melancholy, dreary.Plots sad and nostalgic, often from the past, from childhood.After these dreams, usually the person wakes up, if not exhausted, but passive, from such dreams may remain vague anxiety or anguish, a sense of anticipation of something, incompleteness, dissatisfaction.These dreams are not very pleasant, but they are very valuable and can be healing.In these dreams are hints of unresolved psychological problems, who do not realize the man.It is in their muddy water, goldfish can swim and lie on the bottom of the keys to the secrets and mysteries that are stored with the past.Such dreams can be compensated for over-ton solar conscious attitude of the dreamer.Mind puts it into calm waters, so that he could rest from the activity and rationality.If you're dreaming too often these dreams, you should consider, and if you're not too tired out his psyche?You should not stop or rest?

And the third type of dream , which is not the last, this strange dreams, or dreams - paradoxes .They can be very short and simple.The dreamer usually does not pay attention to the particular, and remembers something of the dream that it is very disheartening, very surprised, and these dreams can be described by the following phrase: "It was unbelievable, even to sleep!" Or "this can not bebecause it can never be. "Moreover, the plot can be absolutely trivial, but it is perceived by the dreamer is completely impossible.In these dreams, there are combinations of adhesion and stories that seem not so meaningless as mad, paradoxical, and therefore, if not frightening, that are difficult to understanding and processing.About such dreams are similar to the work of Salvador Dali.In these dreams are connected totally irreconcilable things as opposites intertwined and merged.They may be missing people, but present nonexistent, sometimes ugly forms of life, or material things unimaginable.Many people believe that such dreams can be "mad".If you dreamed a dream, then maybe you got even deeper into the sphere of the "objective" of the mind, where the mind has no place, and space and time are subject to very different laws.The dreamer, you might say, was in a dream in the psychotic realm of the psyche.Should I worry if the common man without any clearly-expressed psychological problems began to dream such dreams?The unequivocal answer is no.The presence of these dreams can talk about what the problem is, it is very deep, and therefore the mind to solve the dreamer down there where the contradictions and opposites can coexist in a different reality.But if these dreams are often knock you off track, create difficulties in the functioning of the waking state, or simply prevent to live, then I advise you to consult a specialist.But the other side of these dreams is that they can also be healing, because access to the objective level of the mind in a dream - it is a relatively safe way to contact with the deepest core of our being, from the most intimate secrets of human life - the mystery of the soul.

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