Who are sanguine, and what traits characterize them?

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Despite the fact that "everyone is different", still there between us and a lot in common.This applies not only parameters such as two legs and two arms.People are similar in character, temperament, psychology and so on.This observation gave rise to many classifications that rank on different grounds to groups of people with certain characteristics.By outward appearances, we divide each other on blondes and brunettes, on communication - on extroverts and introverts.And what about the temperament?

Hippocrates identified "temperamental" types of people: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic.This 4 basic models, which can coexist in one person, but one of them at the same time is always dominant.

Who are sanguine

Our article is dedicated to one type of temperament - sangvinisticheskomu.First, let's define that the term "temperament" includes only the dynamics of personality, the way people act in real-life situations, take (or not take) solutions, responds to events, the people around him, and even does things.

Here, for example, who are sanguine?These are people who vividly respond to what is happening around them, react instantly, thus remain balanced and adequate.They are active, cheerful, light up when an interesting new things and seek to bring it to a successful conclusion.

sanguine nature of pushing it to new challenges.If you put in front of him constantly interesting intractable problem - he will be happy and extremely effective.He thinks, speaks and moves fast, but without fuss, so he entrusted the fate of a new project, you can be calm.

example sangvinisticheskogo temperament

In the novel by Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers ", each of the four friends has features specific to a certain type of temperament.And who among them is the one we need?Remember who the sanguine?Amorous, but changeable, sociable, active, ready to take up any worthwhile and with a passion to surrender its implementation.To the most suitable of these characteristics?Of course, D'Artagnan.The rest of the characters are as follows: Athos - choleric, Aramis - melancholic and Porthos - phlegmatic.

Sanguine in friendship and love

person communication sangvinisticheskogo type has no difficulty.He is very sociable, easy to make friends anywhere, wherever they appeared.With it fun and interesting, it is - the soul of the company.Troubles and failures do not leave a deep mark on his soul, for that matter, anything else.Yes, unfortunately, the people of this warehouse is not particularly reliable, and it does not cost anything to change a new friend for even newer.

In a stressful situation, when people freeze in a daze, or, on the contrary, are beginning to fuss, sanguine act quickly, accurately, intelligently and deliberately.It is the ideal crisis manager, which will not only solve the problem, but also inspire confidence in the success of all the others.

Love affects a person with this type of temperament as lightning.He instantly falls in love at first sight, passionate and sincere.But for a long time to maintain this feeling, as a rule, unable to, and after a while it can be seen under the balcony at the new beauty.

What do we have in the rest?We found out who the sanguine.These are people with mobile, strong and balanced nervous system.They are hardworking, cheerful, energetic, but somewhat superficial.This universal favorite, because with "nodding" acquaintance depth is required."Burn" at work, if it is interesting and requires dedication.

In general, if your temperament prevails sangvinisticheskoe beginning, we can assume that you are lucky.And over the weaknesses and deficiencies inherent in this type of temperament, you need to work on it and given us life.