How to quit smoking for 2 days?

It's no secret that nicotine addiction - one of the worst addictions, which regularly kills hundreds of thousands of lives.Nevertheless, many knew about it, do not part with a cigarette.

Smoking is harmful

Every fourth smoker suffering from cardiovascular diseases and oncology.This list of ailments goes on and on: falls and turns gray hair, aging skin, women find it difficult to get pregnant, and so on.

Of course, those who are "captive" in nicotine dependence, are well aware of: nothing but disease, this activity brings.Many are beginning to search for ways to combat smoking and stumbled on ads like "How to quit smoking for 2 days", gradually calm down, because they believe that in a short time you can get rid of a bad habit.And, really, is this true?How to quit smoking for 2 days?Today there is a whole arsenal of techniques that can quickly and efficiently resolve the matter under consideration.However, in the treatment of nicotine addiction from the person to be used individually.Agree, it is very difficult for the forty-eight hours "scare away" from a cigarette when smoking history is, say, fifteen years.It should be understood that nicotine addiction - a problem primarily psychological in nature, so to solve it in two days can only smokers with iron willpower. "The advertised everywhere methods and advice on how to quit smoking for 2 days, will be relevant for those who began to "tar" is relatively recent.

Why do people smoke

Today, about 70% of Russians poisoned your body with nicotine.In the environment of the youth smoking almost all because they believe it is fashionable.In fact, this is certainly not the case.Girls and boys, from which reeks of tobacco, nothing but pity and regret, can not cause.

Of course, in modern conditions all the prerequisites in order to smoke.The man often remains under stress, he gets tired after physical work, he often sit nerves.It is believed that cigarette - is a kind of variation of a sedative that acts on the body to relax.That's why people choose this readily available drug.In fact, this view is wrong.No one cigarette still did not solve any problem!

Of course, everyone wants to know how to quit smoking for 2 days.And not only in theory but also in practice.But do not forget that tobacco is nothing but like a drug, so the use of radical methods of struggle may negatively affect health.We emphasize once again that for those who have considerable experience of smoking, treatment should be systematic.

body will be very difficult to endure the lack of nicotine: you start to cough, you will have a sore throat, head, stomach.Very often, the mood will change for no apparent reason.It is possible that you will often fall into depression.Do not entertain illusions, believing that quitting smoking is easy.But then you will be rewarded.Your body will be cleaned of nicotine: normal blood pressure, heart pain disappear, improve health, good spirits appear.You will be able to brag to their friends and family: "After quitting smoking, I like wings."

May, should reduce the dose of nicotine or switch to light cigarettes?

certain proportion of smokers is confident that quit addiction is possible, if gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.Unfortunately, this way of fighting is considered ineffective.

Others mistakenly believe that if we replace the conventional cigarette lighter varieties, it is possible to reduce the harm from smoking.This position is untenable because tobacco category "light" can be in the same amount as that of conventional cigarettes contain harmful substances.In addition to this, smoking "light" cigarette, people instinctively takes a deep puff, thus tar and carbon monoxide are the lungs more thoroughly.

Typically, many are trying to quit smoking in the home.It should be noted that without help to get rid of bad habits only by people who have great will power.Of course, before you permanently delete the cigarette out of your life, you need to mentally prepare for this.

preparation stage

At this point, you have to determine for themselves, why did you decide to end nicotine addiction.Take a sheet of paper and a pen, and then write all the reasons that prompted you to something to part with a cigarette.Naturally, as the main all point to the fact that they want to improve their health and extend your life.However, this is far from the only reasons why people can quit smoking.

main stage

Unfortunately, tobacco - a very powerful drug, which quickly get used to.Smoked one, two, three cigarettes, one begins to get involved because the body constantly requires new piece of nicotine.During this period, the human brain is programmed to ensure that enjoy the cigarette smoking, and gradually identifies with pleasure.

Then it becomes a habit.It is very important not only to send the body back on track, but also radically changed life style and their own behavior.How to do it?Write down what motivates you to take a cigarette in hand (conflicts at work, quarrels with relatives, a delicious meal, and so on), and that you are willing to feel if her smoke a (fun, relaxation, attitude to work).Now think over whether using other methods to achieve the same results.In other words, you have to find an alternative to smoking and not to run in a dedicated room, whenever you "nakrichit" boss.

Perhaps you like to smoke after a cup of coffee and delicious?Then to you the next time there was such a desire to replace the invigorating drink, say, a glass of milk or juice.To remove nervous tension did not use cigarettes and soft music or take a bath.After a quarrel with his wife for a while, try to escape, but not on a cigarette, and useful things: for example, help his son with homework, or visit the gym.Remember that the best way to quit smoking, what sport does not exist.

Eventually poulyagutsya passion, and you make peace with his half.If you have experienced disappointment, try to find support in the face of their friends and relatives.Gradually you will begin to realize that in dealing with life's problems and troubles is quite possible to do without cigarettes.The main thing you need - is to develop a certain pattern of behavior of a healthy lifestyle and learn how not to succumb to temptations, such as "smoke for the company."

For those who want to quit smoking easily, Allen Carr wrote a special book.His technique is very specific in nature: it makes us think about the health of the smoker an unusual way: either you throw addiction, or you cut the legs ... choose what you more!

So, let's look at the most common ways in which a person is trying to get rid of nicotine addiction.

Products containing nicotine

significant percentage of people who are trying to get rid of the pest habits, asking: "Is it possible to stop smoking with the help of funds, the composition of which contains nicotine?"Of course, yes.Today there is a whole arsenal of inhalers, gum, patches, which reduces the craving for smoking.The principle of operation is quite simple: they supply the body with nicotine at the same time protecting it from the harmful abstinence syndrome.And, despite the fact that the stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system is maintained, the organism ceases to be poisoned by toxic substances.

foregoing preparations are generally used for a long time, while nicotine dependence disappears gradually.

nicotine patches

patch worn on the shoulder or hip, pasting it once a day, thereby strictly metered delivery of nicotine to the body.Course duration is 9-10 weeks.

nicotine gum

With chewing gum nicotine enters the body through the oral mucosa.This gum itself has a specific odor, which not everyone can safely carry.Chew it should be not less than half an hour, while in some cases it can cause an upset stomach.

nicotine inhaler

The tool visually resembles a cigarette through which simulates the process of smoking, and the body is saturated with nicotine.However, abstinence syndrome is neutralized.


way or another, but to get rid of smoking alone is very difficult, so you should see a specialist.Well, the best way to get rid of a bad habit - it does not start smoking at all.