Mother-in-law and son.

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Most families we inherited by birth, we can choose some of their own, for example, godparents or spouses.But there is a separate category of relationship - mother-in-law and son.The relationship here, let's face it - a piece thin, they require delicacy from all participants.

Classic triangle

strange happens: adults who seem to be able to build a relationship, can not overcome the dislike for each other, and only on the grounds that they - mother-in-law and son.Relation to the port seems to be no reason, and out of the Cold War, difficult to leave.Most suffer while the third party - the wife, she and daughter.After all, women have to constantly maneuver to avoid becoming hostage to one and not to offend the other party to the conflict.

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Who is to blame and what to do?Mother-in-law and son-in ... The relationship of this "pair" is often very complex.Difficult as it is, but they can play a beautiful and dignified.The difference in age, outlook, but in gender, finally, create between two people chasm of misunderstanding, but if you want to build a bridge across it at any time.And it's better to build it from two sides.

What mother-

1. Take your son-in such as it is, because man - your daughter's choice.Take a closer look closely, for that she loved him.Agree that a person can not consist entirely of flaws.Yes, he earns little, but it is - a faithful husband and a good father.It disappears in the service, and little time to the family?Probably, like any normal man, it seeks to create the proper level of comfort.Year flowing faucet and does not work call?But preparing himself and washes the dishes.

2. Drop invented images of princes who (a stretch, of course) are worthy of your daughter in life, not all are members of the "blue" blood.

3. Prestante compare it with the son of her neighbor, her husband and a neighbor to testify.It remains to be liked your neighbor as much if he were on the spot in-law.

4. Allow the young to build their relationship.Do not meddle with tips (at least if you are requested to do so), even if you really want to explain everything.

5. Keep personal life, find something for everyone.Start Your friends or invite those that are available, visit.Bake, go hiking, breed Ussuri tigers, do what you like - and then spend time with his son showdown is simply bad.

Memo to

1.-law wife's mother raised your spouse the way you could fall in love with her.Even for this should be grateful to her.

2. Adverse relationships between mother-in-law and a - an ordeal for your wife.It is not necessary to expose the constant stress of a loved one.

3. wife's mother - also a man, more than that - a woman.Congratulation to the holiday, a bouquet of flowers, repaired the chair contribute to the normalization of human relations.

4. If the mother-in-law takes an active part in the life of your device - look at it differently.Your wife will have more time for a career or care for the child.In the end, the - a favorite!In the case where you do not suffer interference in the private space - take a mother-something else.Give her cottage, a dog, a bag of yarn and hook - what she likes, and she to you exactly fall behind.

5. Do not get involved in his wife's relationship with her mother.Even if they quarreled to the nines, neutrality is the best position.Remember, they - mother and daughter, and you - the mother-in-law and son-in-relationship last couple of much more fragile.

What should a daughter and a wife

1. Do not have a habit of crying mother at her husband, and her husband - at her mother.

2. Emphasize to them the dignity of "the opponent", do it discreetly, but regularly.

3. Learn in crucial situations put an end to disputes, expressing his opinion politely but with authority.

4. Relationships and mother-in-law does not suggest that they should love each other dearly, so do not require this of them.

5. Do not provoke conflicts, if you know that your husband and his mother may be together no more than 30 minutes.It is not necessary to plan a joint vacation, weekly lunches on Saturdays or shopping trips.

Any relationship formed gradually.Remember this and do not try to run ahead of the engine.Perhaps in a few years, mother-in-law and son-in will be able to call each other family members at the behest of their hearts and without any irony.