How to cook a pizza in multivarka: The recipe is simple but very tasty dishes

Pizza multivarka Ā«PolarisĀ» turns out not less tasty and juicy than similar Italian dishes in the oven.However, not everyone will be decided on the experiment.After all, most people believe that this pizza will be too soft, which greatly complicates its integrity withdrawal from the bowl of kitchen devices.But it is not, and you can see for yourself.

How to cook a pizza in multivarka: the right ingredients for the dough

  • Butter - 210 g
  • 30 percent cream - 210 g
  • Wheat flour - two and a half cups.

How to cook a pizza in multivarka: the process of kneading

This framework is very easy and fast.Moreover, it turns out very soft, tender and delicious.First, you must put the softened butter in a bowl, add the fat sour cream and pour flour.After a long mixing all ingredients should get soft and flexible framework that adheres well to the hands.To further dough could without problems roll into sheets for pizza, it is recommended to place a few hours in the refrigerator.There it hardens and will be e

asy to form.

How to cook a pizza in multivarka: the necessary ingredients for the filling

  • Sausage with paprika dairy premium - 600

  • small bulbs - 3-4 pieces.
  • ripe tomatoes - 5-6 medium pieces.

  • Hard cheese - 200 g

  • Ketchup mild (but if you like sharp little, do not deny yourself the pleasure) - 200 ml.

  • fat mayonnaise - 150g

How to cook a pizza in multivarka: preparing stuffing further bake

for such Italian dishes can be purchased not only milk sausages, but also any sausage, meat, beef, mushroomsand other favorite ingredients.Selected pizza product should be cut into thin plates (circles) or chop into small cubes.After that, you want to wash the tomatoes and onions, which in the future should be released from the peel (peel) and cut into rings.You should also grate cheese on a large grater.

Formation dishes

Chilled dough is necessary to get the oil out of the refrigerator, pinch off a piece of the desired size and roll out the layer not thick round.After this "support" is needed to put in a bowl of kitchen devices, which, if desired, can be lubricated.Further tests should be chosen to put ketchup (two to three tablespoons), cover the tomatoes, onion rings, and then distribute the shredded sausage, which is necessary to cover the top with mayonnaise and grated cheese.

How to bake a pizza in multivarka: thermal processing of Italian dishes

Making pizza should be tightly closed lid Multivarki, and then put in a baking mode for one hour.After 60 minutes, the dish will be completely ready for use.In order to get it out of the bowl without deformation, it is advisable to wait until the dish slightly cooled.Then warm delicious pizza must be cut into portions and serve with sweet tea.