What stone is suitable Cancer: the secrets of astrologers

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Even in ancient times has been established that the stones have an impact on health and the destiny of man.Astrologers observed that humans are the most favorable are the stones that are associated with his zodiac sign.In the Middle Ages it was drawn up table rocks every sign by which anyone can pick up a charm, amulet and mascot for life.In this article we will look at how stone is suitable Cancer.

Joss Stone, chosen by the sign of the zodiac, gives people strength and special properties makes it possible to develop the qualities that bring success, happiness, wealth, attractiveness and self-confidence.It helps protect against various negative influences - corruption, evil eye, disease, warning of the impending danger.Besides stones on a horoscope provide their owners medicinal effect.Constant wearing man natural stone, birthstone, helps replenish vitality and strengthen the immune system.

Stones Zodiac signs.Cancer

Other Than mascots for those born under the sign of Cancer are emerald, pearl, moonstone and cat's eye .

Which stone suits Cancer is best? Emerald - great mascot for people born under this zodiac sign.Beryl Noble has the unique beauty of the colors.It can be a pale green or grassy tint saturated juicy.Emerald allows cancers to control their emotions and overcome negative feelings.It allows you to relax in a particularly nervous situations, helps get rid of sadness and melancholy, it brings joy and fun.Besides the emerald helps to overcome Cancer tightness and excessive isolation in society, giving it greater appeal.This stone calms lust, gives the owner peace and attracts wealth.The man who wears an emerald, safe from the sorrows and protected from the influence of evil spells.

emerald addition, there are other stones Cancer horoscope. Pearl - one of them.Sea pearls can be white, yellow, blue, pink, red and even black.This stone helps cancers to develop their hidden talents.Pearl also protects against negativity, justice and attracts good luck and gives insight.In ancient times, women wore charms made of pearls as the guardian of unrequited love.

Which stone suits Cancer? Cat's Eye - one of the varieties of chrysoberyl.This is a very strong stone for a person born under the sign of Cancer.It helps him become a successful and socially strong to win their shortcomings, to become independent of the opinions of others and to be released from the captivity of pessimism.Basically all the stones that have the effect of "cat's eye", guard against cheating and help keep the love.It is believed that this stone has the property of gently draw the attention of the people around them to their owner.In addition, it will help improve relations between people, improving their understanding.

Which stone suits Cancer born on Monday?For such people is ideal Moonstone .He embodies the magical power of the lunar fields.And as you know, Monday is the day "controlled" by the moon.This stone helps to overcome obstacles to happiness, promotes luck in love affairs, gives the gift of eloquence and persuasion, as well as assists in making sound decisions.Moonstone placed in a silver frame, it is recommended to wear those suffering from nervous diseases.