Create a proposal from the phraseology piece of cake

Idiom resistant small indivisible phrases and sayings are often used in everyday speech.With these marks, bright sayings, she becomes more lively and emotional.Included in idiomatic words often do not correspond to its lexical meaning and are used not in the literal and figurative sense, however, everyone understands what is at stake.For example: to run without looking back - very fast, the middle of nowhere - somewhere very far away, the Achilles heel - a vulnerable place to buy a pig in a poke - buy goods, without knowing anything about its merits.

Why idioms

Sometimes, to achieve the desired effect of the speech, it is difficult to pick a clear and figurative speech.Idiom and emotional help to more accurately convey irony, derision, bitterness, love - all human feelings.They provide an opportunity to express his thoughts brighter and bring it to the interlocutor.

phraseology often use in everyday speech, we do not even notice it, do not think about how to make a proposal to the phraseology - just pronounce it automatically, because sayings are familiar and accustomed to every person from childhood.Many of them came to us from legends and fairy tales from other languages ​​and epochs.

easy to make an offer to the phraseology?A piece of cake if you know their basic characteristics.

Signs phraseology

  1. Idiom - phrases absolutely stable, they do not tolerate any substitution or omission of words and their unmotivated reshuffle.For example, should not be instead of "spit in the ceiling" (sit back), saying "spit in the box" (an expression takes on a literal meaning).
  2. Many idioms are replaced by a single word: eye to eye (alone), a drop in the sea (a little) more than enough (a lot).
  3. If you make an offer to the phraseology, then regardless of the number of words it is one part of a sentence (subject, predicate, circumstance and so on. D.).
  4. Idiom have one or more different values: -nebylitsy old wives' tales;go crazy - losing his mind - do silly things - keen on anything or anyone.

about the correct use of phraseology

To properly make a proposal to the phraseology, it is necessary to understand its exact meaning, this will help avoid ridiculous speech errors.Unacceptable options for sustainable use of distorted sentences inappropriate or incorrect use.Here's a simple example: "Today, watching the last journey of students in our school, I want to tell them parting words."There is an example of misuse phraseologism: to accompany his last journey - is to participate in the funeral.

The same phrase can be used both literally and figuratively.Here's a simple test: in the examples below to select an offer phraseology:

  1. and finally came to the river spring, the ice was broken.
  2. Things are moving, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

It is obvious that in the first sentence, the words used in its literal sense, the second - this idiom, meaning that the case began.

role of set phrases in different speech styles

Use phraseology and aphorisms in journalism, literature, and just in everyday speech due to their imagery and expression, rich in expressive possibilities.They help to avoid banality, faceless and dry in speech communication.For example, the expression "to go through fire and water" - shaped symbol of overcoming all obstacles.

Book idioms at the same time have a higher expressive and stylistic coloring and give a speech, poetry, solemnity.Colloquial and everyday sayings used to express familiarity, irony, contempt, and so on. D.

Idiom - almost always imaginative, vibrant expression.This is an important means of language, used as a ready comparison, the determination of how the emotional characteristics of reality.