As parvilno and tasty pickled garlic?

as pickled garlic young?This meal is considered very unusual dish.Pickled garlic - the perfect complement to all sorts of dishes, which are very popular in the diet of many people.Most hostesses sure of it turns out very tasty snacks, and if you want to give your dishes spice notes, that without such an assistant simply can not do in the preparation of fragrant dishes.Let's look at how to prepare this yummy.

Pickled Garlic Recipes with photos

This workpiece always delight you with its extraordinary taste and charming fragrance, and the family will appreciate the delicious novelty on his kitchen table.Pickled garlic better young.It has a gentle and pleasant taste and also cleaned much better than the old head.So, before you start to pickle garlic, let's be clear, what ingredients we need:

  1. Garlic - five hundred grams.
  2. Dill - one or two umbrella.
  3. water - half a liter.
  4. Salt big - half a spoon (tea).
  5. Sugar - two spoons (cutlery).
  6. 9-% vinegar - 1.5 spoons (tablespoons).
  7. Black pepper - four pea.
  8. Carnation - two or three buds.

method for preparing

  1. To begin, thoroughly clean the garlic from the peel and wash it.If the net is bad, then put it on for thirty minutes in cold water.This soaking will greatly facilitate your torment, and remove the film and will be easier to peel.
  2. in banks (sterile) place for umbrella dill.
  3. cloves when handling can acquire a blue tint that spoil the general view of dishes.Therefore, before the pickled garlic, pour over boiling water it first, and then immediately with cold water.Such a procedure will provide your creation extremely snow-white appearance.
  4. Put the garlic in a jar.
  5. Pour water into a small container.Add to buds cloves, pepper, sugar and salt.Boil for a few minutes.
  6. At the end, add the vinegar and remove from heat.
  7. Pour prepared marinade for "hanger" banks cover and sterilize about four or five minutes.
  8. Close the lid.

pickled garlic is easy!

That's it!This yummy preparing simply and quickly, and will delight you all year round.Indeed, in the winter evenings so I want to pamper yourself and your family some spring and autumn mood.So why not prepare such savory snacks?Yes, very useful, with a lot of essential body substances which give tone and fight infections.You can show imagination and by the garlic add various vegetables.The most highly aggregated are: beets, carrots, tomatoes, squash and even cucumbers.Quite a lot of housewives experimenting and adds another feather garlic pepper or tomato.But you can always make your changes.Believe me, when you open a jar of a workpiece, you will be on the table at once several kinds of appetizers, which is very convenient if you can not or do not want to cook for a long time.So what you are doing and indulge his household delicious novelties!