How to clean silver at home

Silver - a striking beauty metal.However, unfortunately, it is very easily oxidized, and therefore dark.It follows that for the silver objects requires careful care.First of all, the silver should be kept away from heat and sunlight.Optimally store silver jewelry in a box or carrying case, cutlery, etc. in a dark closet and not on the glass shelves, as is customary.

But even with constant and proper care, silver inevitably darkens, and at times it must be cleaned.Pure silver is quite possible at home on their own.For this there are many ways.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.So how to clean silver at home?

first method: First, a soap solution with the addition of ammonia.On 1 liter of solution is necessary to add a spoonful of ammonia.It is necessary to rinse the silverware.The products are then washed with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.

second way: How to clean silver at home with the help of potato?Too pretty simple.Potatoes should be cleaned and cut into cubes and add water.After several hours the potatoes is removed and the water for an hour put silverware.Next, silver is recovered from the water, wiped and rinsed.

The third way: a liter of water you need to add a tablespoon of salt and shells of two eggs.The resulting mixture was put on fire and boil.When the water boils, it is 20 seconds lowered the silver.Then you need to get silverware and wipe dry.

separate question how to clean silver with stones?Conventional "granny" methods may well damage the gemstone in your jewelry.So in this case it is better to use the special solution which create a protective layer on the article.Especially need to be careful with the products with pearls.It is better to often wash in soapy water and avoid serious pollution.

Particular caution is needed in the case when it comes to high grade silver.In this situation it is necessary to use specialized tools.It is best to use a tool called "Zilbertaushbader."However, if it is not found, you can use other, but it is important to ensure their quality.

In addition, silver is also put in order with the help of special pastes, however, it is worth remembering that they clean silver polishing method, which means that they can not be abused.But they are perfectly suited to urgently put in proper form silver, for example, before selling or publication.However, on the same principle works and regular toothpaste, so that you can clean the silver with it.

And another point that the question "How to clean silver at home?" After all, most often silver abound in small details, which are very difficult to clean.So, it should be done with a soft felt.And it is important to be very careful with abrasive substances.

Special thanks to the gilded silver.With him to be more careful, you can not use abrasive cleaners at all.It is better to wipe it with a chamois or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.You can also use vinegar, which is applied as a cotton swab or a soft cloth.Five must-vinegar rinse with gilded surface of the product.

Remember that the use of folk remedies - this is a real and unreasonable risk.Therefore, if cleaning is required particularly delicate and valuable products or are seriously contaminated, it is better to apply to the jewelry shop, to the professionals.They can guarantee you the safety of your products and the best result.

Hopefully, after this article, none of read it will not have problems, how to clean silver at home.