How to cook delicious wings in multivarka

Chicken - favorite meat most people.Fairly inexpensive, delicious and full of useful protein chicken meat can be cooked without too much effort.Especially if you use multivarku.Cooking it quite uncomplicated.Simply choose a recipe to taste and test it in action.

Cook wings in multivarka: how to choose the chicken

to the result of your culinary efforts did not cause frustration, it is important to choose the right meat.The flaps must be fresh: pale pink in color, with an elastic skin and slight sweetish odor.Strong smell of fresh chicken will not.A light blue tint.If you were able to choose the right, we can only pick up a prescription in multivarka wings.You can extinguish them, bake or fry.

fried wings in multivarka

Take seven or eight wings, 300 milliliters of beer, spices, pepper and salt.Thoroughly rinse the chicken, dry it with paper towels or tissues of tendons and cut.Put in a bowl and pour beer Multivarki so that the meat was covered by two-thirds.Season with salt and pepper and add the spices.After closing the cover, turn on automatic mode "plov".So you get a good protushennye wings with spicy crust.It tastes best to eat them with sauce 150 grams of sour cream, two tablespoons of mustard, a handful of herbs, salt and pepper.

wings with potatoes in multivarka

To prepare chicken with potatoes you will need 10 wings, a kilogram of potatoes, mayonnaise, adjika, vegetable oil, salt, spices.Rinse wings, removing all unnecessary.Season with salt and pepper, add the sauce and mayonnaise and leave to marinate adzhika.In the meantime, clean the potatoes, not cutting it.Pour into a bowl Multivarki oil, put the first layer of chicken, and the second - potatoes.Pour the remaining sauce on the wings and turn the mode of "baking" for forty to fifty minutes.Serve the dish tastes best with vegetables and herbs.

sharp wings in multivarka

If you decide to cook chicken as a snack with beer, not just for lunch or dinner, it is better to use a special recipe.Make wings in multivarka with hot spices.Their flavor and original taste ideal to pennomu drink.For four servings sharp wings cooked in multivarka, you need a kilogram of chicken, turmeric, seasoning for chicken meat, a tablespoon adzhika, a few cloves of garlic, pepper and salt.Peel the garlic, chop it and mix with turmeric, spices for chicken, adzhika, pepper and salt.Carefully promazhte wings this sauce and leave for half an hour in the cold, the meat marinated properly.Fold the wings in a bowl of the device, turn on the "baking" and cook for forty minutes.In the process you can turn the wings for a more even roasting.When the meat is ready, serve an appetizer to the table.The combination of acute and juicy chicken with a light or dark beer will not leave anyone indifferent.Perhaps this snack even become the favorite in the family and among the guests.