A flat stomach in 4 weeks - for Action

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full hips and legs - it is possible to survive, it is even very excites many men.But few are willing to put up with a bulging belly.And rightly so: there is nothing that does not spoil the figure of a woman as a lack of waist and a big belly.

Why did he come from?

Here are the most important causes that provoke the appearance of fat women in the abdomen (this may be one of the items, or a combination of several):

- Excessive caloric intake. Overeating and eating lots of desserts leads to excess calories, which have nowhere to go, except that - in fat.

- Consumption of food containing harmful cholesterol. As a rule, it is very much in a very fatty foods.

- Sedentary lifestyle. lack of movement does not allow to burn calories that turn into fat.

- Stress and nervous tension. The expression "This is a bundle of nerves" in every joke there is some truth.Big belly is often a consequence of stress and busy day.If you are nervous, it produces cortisol, which prevents fat loss.

- Indigestion. If you frequently experience constipation, toxins accumulate in the body.Your body begins to store fat around the waist and abdomen, to protect you from the effects of toxins.That is, the fat in the abdominal area can indicate serious faults in the gastrointestinal tract.

Three steps on the way to a flat stomach

We offer you a program of action, which consists of three main steps:

1. Colon Cleansing, getting rid of belly fat - the 1st and 2nd week.

2. Exercise - 3rd and 4th week.

3. Diet - 3rd and 4th week.

consider each step in detail.

1. Colon Cleansing, getting rid of belly fat

If the bowels can be relatively quickly, in order to get rid of fat - take a long time, regularity, patience and considerable efforts.Fat will go slowly, and you will see the first results within a few days after the start of a three-step program.

Cleansing can last from 1 day to 2 weeks.And there are several ways, each of which is preferably carried out after consultation with the doctor:

--day detox or detox diet. Time is short?Then spend at least one day just cleaning dishes.It may be a day to smoothies, shakes, soups or vegetables.At this time, discard the flour and sweet, then quickly see the effect.But effectively help purify drinking cleansing drinks and meals for 2 weeks.

- enema. This dubious at first glance, the method allows you to lose weight, it can sometimes be a loss of up to 20 kg!The method is designed for 2-week course of cleansing enemas.During the course of enemas should observe a special diet: there is only meatless meals.Mode: two enemas a day for two weeks (in the morning and evening).

After cleansing is necessary to restore the intestines to help bran, which also contributes to weight loss.It is recommended to consume daily 30 grams of bran and be sure to drink plenty of water.

2. Exercises for Belly

Once passed cleansing - go to physical activity aimed at the muscles of the abdomen.At the same time must comply with certain diet, but this is in paragraph 3 (below).Abdominal exercises should be done at least 2 weeks to see good results.

Begin training with hoop. Hoop allow the abdominal muscles to warm up, improve blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.Next - start to exercise on a press.During a workout, follow the breath, and gradually increase the load.At the end you have to feel fatigue in the muscles and in general, it is better not to take care of yourself - then you will be pleased with the results accurately.

- Exercise for upper abdominal muscles. Starting position: lying on the floor on your back with your knees bent.Heels - as close as possible to the buttocks.Hands - a head, elbows - to the sides.Lift the body and reach for the elbows to the knees.Repeat 30 times.

- Exercise for the lateral abdominal muscles. Everything is the same as in the previous exercise, but lifting the torso, alternately touch the right elbow of the left knee and left elbow - right knee.Repeat 30 times.

- drill press. Starting position: lying on his back, arms and legs outstretched.At the same time lift the arms and legs straight, try to touch your toes brushes.Repeat at least 20 times.

- Exercise for upper abdominal muscles. Starting position: lying on his back, hands behind his head, elbows - in different directions.Raise the torso 60 degrees and slowly return to the starting position.Repeat until then, until you feel fatigue in the upper part of the press.

3. Diet

Follow simple rules that will help to generate muscle mass and lose fat:

- Do not overeat.

- Include more foods with fiber.

- Eliminate those foods and dishes that have a high concentration of calories and fat.

- The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

- Good result gives a fractional power.This means that it is necessary to feed frequently (up to 6 times a day) and small portions.It is important to have a sense of hunger, eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as daily drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

- Avoid alcohol if you do not want to accumulate fat in the abdomen.Because alcohol makes the digestive process unpredictable and unmanageable.

- from fish oil supplements help burn fat.

If not enough time

If you do not have time to cope with the bulging tummy, do not stop and continue their efforts.You may not be enough, only a few days.And not from complexes on the beach - buy the right swimsuit, masking extra volume at the waist and abdomen.

basic techniques that hide the unwanted form - this drape and color accents.You need a swimsuit that has folds in the abdomen.Another option - the colors of color-blocking, which makes the whole slender figure (with side panels in contrasting color, or separating a swimsuit at the waist).Dark and black, striking the belly - is also a good color scheme for you.

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