How to cook the fruit pudding semolina and cottage cheese

Curd pudding with semolina is a very delicious dessert and air, for the preparation of which requires only affordable and simple products.It is worth noting that this dish is prepared in different recipes.Today, however, be presented to your attention a classic version of sweet cake.

semolina pudding: the necessary ingredients for the base

We need:

  • milk fresh two percent - a full glass;
  • coarse fat cottage cheese - two hundred grams;
  • semolina - ½ of the glass tumbler;
  • raisins brown or black seedless - one hundred grams;
  • sweet red apple - one big thing;
  • sugar - four large spoons;
  • salt - one small pinch;
  • cinnamon - at will and taste;
  • vegetable oil - a big spoon;
  • chicken egg - one medium-sized piece.

semolina pudding: the process of preparing semolina

Before you knead the basis for such a dessert, it is necessary to boil the semolina.This requires a small metal bowl pour a full glass of two-percent milk, boil it for rapid fire, and then add the sugar, salt and semolina.Porridge should cook for no more than five or six minutes.Then milk thickened mass must be put aside to cool down completely.At this time, it is recommended to do the processing of the other ingredients.

of semolina pudding recipe: the preparation of curd with dried fruits

To prepare the second part of the pudding should be in a separate bowl mash well coarse fat cottage cheese, and then add a third part of one of the whipped egg.After that, the mass is required to pour the remains of sugar and dried fruits.Raisins, it is necessary to carefully go through, pour boiling water, leave it that way for about thirty minutes, and then rinse several times in water.

semolina pudding: the formation of a dessert

The cooled porridge should be beat with the help of a blender, and then you also need to enter and curd.Next, we need to take a glass or ceramic bowl for duhovochnogo cabinet, brush the surface with oil and liberally showering dry semolina.Followed by wash and peel one large apple (if the skin is too tough), cut it into thin slices and put an even layer on the surface of the prepared dishes.After that you need to distribute the whipped cream of wheat on the fruit and pour on top of sweet cottage cheese with raisins.

Before send pudding warmed up to one hundred and eighty degrees duhovochny cupboard, it must be completely coat with remaining beaten egg.

semolina pudding: Heat Treatment dessert and correct Serve

After forty-five minutes cheesecake should be removed from the oven, cool, cut into portions pieces and put on a saucer.

Served semolina dessert for breakfast only chilled with hot coffee or tea.Also, it is recommended to submit a crimson or berry jam and thick cream.