How to increase the profitability of the staff?

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pages of many different media are full of reports on the margins when it comes easier, then the relationship between costs and benefits.There are various types of profitability: return on assets, return on sales, profitability, and other personnel.

To determine the profitability of any kind require only data on income and expenditure.In fact, it is a factor, which shows how much profit is produced per unit of expended.Since the entire business is built just for profit, the competent companies to count this factor be taken seriously.

for any business is very important margin of staff, which shows the effectiveness of the team and allows you to control the costs of operating in accordance with the amount of the profits.To avoid a large amount of costs for a work team, enjoy headcount optimization.

Regulate profit in two ways:
1) to raise profits,
2) reduce costs.

Obviously, profitability of staff in a highly competitive market in the sale of high-quality and marketable products in the second category of business optimization.To reduce the cost of personnel is necessary first of all to identify the main flows, leading to leakage of funds.Regarding staff - a deduction in payroll UST, the cost of TB, clothing, and other social packages.A variety of costs will vary depending on the specifics of the enterprise.

If the cost-benefit analysis of personnel clearly shows poor performance, it is necessary to optimize their numbers.In the process, reduced costs, without exception.

Smart optimization must take into account that the change in the number of staff should not affect the quality and efficiency of production, but the cost should not exceed the specified value.In addition, the profitability of the staff shows a low value if the company uses the old equipment, releasing unclaimed on the market products or the products of poor quality, or if the company does not enter into new more fuel-efficient technology.Often it is the lack of cost to upgrade technology and equipment reduce the profitability of the staff, as in this case for promotion, repair and maintenance of old equipment requires a much larger staff.At the same time reducing the number of personnel should not affect the speed, efficiency and quality of work.

Profitability analysis staff at the level of diagnostics can identify jobs without which the company can do.The second stage of optimization will determine the minimum number of employees and planning the cuts.Plan cuts - a difficult stage of optimization.There are very important definition of "personnel core" (highly skilled professionals, without which the effectiveness of the work will fall) and personnel periphery (of the staff, most of the employees who perform less important functions).In this case, the profitability of the staff shows a too low or the same value that would be without personnel periphery.Despite the fact that the last workers perform their functions in a crisis you can do without them.

Last stage - contractions.Many companies spend massive reduction "hard" way, after which the court there is a large number of claims against the leadership.To avoid such consequences, using a soft reduction scheme under which stimulated processes of resignations by a decent severance payments.

Thus, the problem of profitability of personnel is very important for a good business.The program for the calculation of this ratio will not only significantly reduce costs, but also to spend the saved money on the improvement of working conditions, the purchase of new equipment and other accessories that will contribute to the effective work of Bole.