Physical punishment causes aggression in children

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constantly slapping his child, you expose his mind the adverse effects of which will soon be reflected in his behavior.

This method of punishment has a detrimental effect on children's development, according to a new review of studies conducted over 20 years.

Over the past two decades, psychologists have conducted a lot of research and found a strong link between this type of "daily" physical punishment and a higher level of aggression in the child.In fact, no study has found that this type of education of children can lead to positive results in the future.

"I think that for parents it is very important to understand that physical methods of punishment although help force the child to do something in a particular situation, at the same time have a number of side effects, provided for the further development of the child" - said the author of the analysis JoanDurrant (Joan Durrant), a clinical child psychologist at the University of Manitoba in Canada.

"For example, the more often a child sees a parent is trying to resolve a conflict situation by means of physical force, the more it is likely that it will resolve their own conflicts in later life," - said Durrant.

In one recent survey, only 22 percent of parents reported that "often" satisfied beating their children, and the rest said they educate their offspring in other ways - take away certain privileges or limit time on their favorite entertainment.

In an analysis conducted in the US, the researchers observed the 2400 families in which the mother spanked their 3-year-old kids about twice a month, and found that the children had a marked increased risk of aggression at age 5.

"In the United States, as in many countries, physical punishment is an integral part of the culture, so in fact, in any family education is not complete without whipping" - said Durrant."This situation is difficult for many parents to conceive and raise children without it."

Durrant also noted that the main reason why parents have resorted to such measures of punishment, is their lack of knowledge and lack of understanding of why children behave this way.

"They often think that their child is naughty or just insolent, but in most cases," intolerable behavior "of children - this is quite normal characteristic of their development" - said the author.

Based on the results of numerous studies, however, more and more doctors and psychologists have come to the conclusion that in the upbringing of children should adhere to the positive non-violent methods.

"Parents need to start raising a child from an early age, when the baby turns one year" - said Kimberly Searle (Kimberly Sirl), a clinical psychologist at Children's Hospital of St. Louis, who did not participate in the study.

"Kids should learn from childhood to cope with the shock so as to still maintain patience and do not lose the ability to constructively solve the problem" - said Searle."The behavior of the parents should serve them in this model."

example, Searle said that when children are completely refuse to do something, in this case it would be better to ignore them for about 10 seconds, or ask them to change negative behavior.

"If you want children to feel good lead, encourage and praise them often," - she added.

Instead of saying, "Do it because I said so (a)" Searle recommended better explain to your child why it is necessary to do so, and not otherwise.

"We must make it clear to your child that he should also follow the established rules," - she said."In fact, the time limit on the favorite activities for children is tantamount to prison."

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