Snowmobile "Taiga 550 Varyag".

This snowmobile was originally conceived as a utilitarian craftsmen Rybinsk multipurpose machine that can be used for winter recreation and walks, as well as a working vehicle.Power and flotation SUV lets you carry with it a heavy load and easily overcome the snowy expanses.In addition, manufacturers have taken into account in the development of this model the characteristics of Russian winters.About

external completions model

Snowmobile "Taiga 550 Varyag" is one of the models of snow SUV series "Taiga", which produces motokontsern "Russian mechanics."This machine meets all the requirements and standards that apply to the modern snowmobile technology.Let's start with the appearance of the 550-th model snowmobile series "Taiga".

Making the hood and some external parts of the body is made of high-impact ABS plastic, which is not afraid of the impact of temperature and retains its physical properties.Therefore, the machine is not afraid of severe frosts and minor blows to the body that periodically occur when the "Varyag 550 Taiga" overcomes uneven terrain.To improve the lighting and driver's vision at night and in the evening at the "Varyag 550" installed a completely new light.With this revision lighting has become more intense, as adjusted orientation of the light beam.

for exterior finishing machines also began to use entirely new heat-resistant materials, thus avoiding cracking when temperatures drop.On a snowmobile is now established a fundamentally new ergonomically designed seats that can be operated for a long time without changing the appearance.

Powerful and reliable

Snowmobile "Taiga Varyag 550" is equipped with 50-horsepower two-stroke engine odnokarbyuratornym RMZ-550 with air cooling system type.This engine has a displacement of 553 cc and produces high traction under all load conditions.It features a smooth and uniform uninterrupted work, which is largely made possible thanks to an upgraded cooling system.It should be noted that the air flows enter the duct directly in a special chamber that eliminates overheating of the motor at full load.

Under the hood of the SUV has high-quality materials, which have good sound absorption properties and provide a quiet and comfortable operation of a snowmobile "Taiga 550 Varyag".Reviews owners can attest to the fact that the car was run much quieter and more confident and silent process of the motor is capable of turning driving into a real pleasure.About

comfortable ride

ergonomic seat provides ease of entry and comfortable ride.Lovers of winter trips in open countryside leave the comfort of very positive feedback."Taiga 550 Varyag" is designed so that the owner gets satisfaction from traveling and was pleased with this machine.

The passenger also provides a comfortable fit, and that the position of the body was as convenient as possible, set back behind the seat.Because of this, even during long journeys a person does not get tired and will be satisfied with the trip.

safety and convenience car

In cold weather, heated handles driver and passenger is a necessary function, so the road will be warm because the cold headwind can turn a trip to the real torture.Additional protection is provided by the crew of the windscreen, which are made of polycarbonate alloy.

This screen does not distort the image, as well as to protect the crew from flying in the face of rain, gusts of wind, protect against possible injury that may occur as a result of hitting the branches of trees and bushes while riding through the woods.The windshield does not crack from blows and takes its original shape.It is so strong that if all of a sudden "Taiga 550 Varyag" turned upside down, it will be saved.

Best Model number

Snowmobile "Taiga Varyag 550 V" was released in a limited edition of Rybinsk manufacturers and represents a high comfort and off-road terrain.Outwardly, this machine has a striking resemblance to yamahovskim "Viking", but this is only the first opinion about it.She has a lot of advantages and its own character, besides any difficulties at low temperatures on the shoulder SUV "Taiga Varyag 550 V".Reviews on this car its owners say about their reliability and excellent permeability.

design feature of the machine are significant improvements undercarriage.Was increased stroke mechanism front suspension telescopic type and rear suspension with sklizovym mechanism is equipped with gas springs.In addition to its established so-called compression spring, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the SUV noticeable.

Features Model "Varyag 550 V"

SUV "Taiga Varyag 550 V" is equipped with caterpillar tracks produced by Magnum.Its width is 500 mm, which provides reliable stability.This also contribute to 32 mm lugs, so the SUV easily overcomes obstacles with a significant slope and places with deep snow.

Due to structural changes in chassis dynamics achieved improved during braking and acceleration rover "Taiga Varyag 550 V".Reviews taiga terrain vehicles owners emphasize this fact.In addition, they indicate that the car behaves very confident cornering.

on the costs and performance of 550-th model "Taiga"

"Taiga Varyag 550" can easily tow a trailer or a sled weighing up to 250 kg.It should be noted that it is possible though that the dry weight of the car is 280 kg.The maximum speed that can develop the SUV, is 80 km / h.Average fuel consumption of this model may be about 18 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers driven.38-liter tank will be enough to overcome the 230-kilometer distance.

The model 550 V is the volume of the tank is 40 liters.During the break-in fuel consumption can be much higher, and the order of 25-26 liters per 100 km had passed snowmobile "Taiga 550 Varyag".Reviews owners of the machines testify to this, and such a flow will be observed at the first 1000 kilometers.

updated "Varyag"

The updated version of the snowmobile "Taiga Varyag 550" installed a new type of hydraulic brake system that provides reliable stopping the machine even at high speed.Lightweight luggage compartment allows you to hold more weight due to the fact that the lights are now considerably shifted and made for protecting lifelines.

driver's seat easily folds, under it there is additional space for luggage.These are usually placed additional fuel containers, tools, or simply a different baggage.The estimated price of 550-th model "Taiga" is 245 thousand. Rubles, and all-terrain vehicle models will cost 550 V SUV lovers of winter in 309 thous. Rubles.Rybinsk motokontsern offers its customers products of very high quality at a cost affordable to everyone.This opinion is shared by the majority of owners of taiga "Varyag".