Art negotiation process leads to success in various areas of human activity.Terms of business negotiations ensure business success.

Skillful negotiation involves the following sequential steps:

a) first established contact with the negotiators;

b) defined "rules of the game";

c) the estimated position of partner;

d) developing one of the pre-designed scenarios;

d) is carried out "bargaining", imposed concessions;

e) negotiations are completed mutually acceptable solution.

methods of conducting business negotiations aimed at developing an outcome that would suit all parties.Such negotiations can be called principled and constructive.

Thus, the method of seeking common solutions leads to a comparison of the views of participants in the negotiations with private interests, the allocation of the total area solutions.

method of compromise offers to partners to make concessions in the case of unresolvable differences.

method of separation of the problem will help solve the problem as a whole and in part.In this case, reached an agreement on some issues making up the issue.

Negotiations should aim at reaching an agreement.However, success does not always come easily.The art of negotiating communication involves the use of various tactics to respond to the actions and statements of the interlocutor.The ability to adjust their behavior according to the behavior of the partner - is the ability to predict possible "if ... then ..." in the process of communication.


If they make excessive demands, then I will understand that such conditions are discussed.

If they rush in time, explain that I can not accept offers from other partners.

If you will lead me to unknown facts, arguments, then ask to pinpoint the source, read the original.If

will cause unknown terms, then ask to clearly explain their significance.

If there are interruptions, persistently will ask to complete his speech.

negotiate effectively depends on who is taking part in the negotiations: one representative or team.And in fact, in both cases have their own advantages.When negotiating the sole responsibility lies with one person, the caller can not weaken the position due to disagreements within the team.However, the team, consisting of experts in various fields, will be more than strong opposition if necessary.In any case, at the beginning of the negotiations must submit powers of each party in writing.

Business negotiations - is, above all, equal dialogue.So extreme is considered to be the desire to force the partner to discuss only their own position and to listen only to your opinion.

Negotiating involves a retreat from interpersonal relationships (sympathy, antipathy) and sostredotochenie only on business matters.

Some items may increase the effectiveness of the negotiation process.For example, in the case of protracted negotiations, it is necessary to take a break or to postpone the discussion for a while.

necessary to avoid the desire to convince the interlocutor, to prove the falsity of his position.An assignment partner should not be regarded as a weakness, but a desire to cooperate.

mistake is the emergence of "internal negotiations" between members of the delegation.If you want to discuss some issue, it is best to ask for a break.

The decision depends on the specification of how the solution can be implemented.Ways to implement the decision should be several.

necessary to take into account the peculiarities of communication and behavior of a partner in another country.