Plastic kit on the "Field."

«Niva" can rightly be called one of the most popular cars in our country.He fell in love with anglers, hunters, villagers and ekstremaly for good off-road qualities that are easily help you conquer the forests, swamps, and other off-road.

But just like the rest of the domestic automobile industry counterparts, "Field" on the output looks very "unfriendly" in terms of design and in terms of security.One of the most common solutions doukomplektovke favorite car kit remains, especially because of its advantages over "naked" body is obvious.

try to understand what is so attractive in the kit "Niva", and along with the basic concepts and classify points.

Benefits underweight

  1. Appearance .Even the most unprepossessing car after obveski looks very presentable and "fresh."Therefore, in addition to a practical solution to the problem is solved and more aesthetic.
  2. strength .All bodies of domestic cars are assembled from sheet metal, and the power kit on the "Field" includes, in addition to plastic, and even metal base designed to protect body parts with rapids and bumper, which significantly strengthens the body as a whole.
  3. Easy installation .During assembly / disassembly you do not need any special skills or a specific tool, everything is quite simple and clear.

power (metal) body kit

Full metal kit can be recommended when the vehicle is operated on a daily basis and subjected to extreme loads.Choosing an external kit for SUVs "Niva", particular attention must be paid to the material from which it is made.There are 4 kinds of materials that are used in the manufacture of metal skirts.

  1. Stainless Steel .Detailed comments are unnecessary and that the advantages are obvious - no corrosion and aesthetic appearance.The only disadvantage of this type of skirts - a high price.
  2. Steel .They are made of such run-aero tube followed by treatment with anti-corrosion materials.With its direct responsibilities, he copes well and is a little less than stainless steel.
  3. Chrome .The most expensive body kits executed in chrome, but in appearance they are beautiful times of the same stainless steel.The only thing there is one thing.If the kit on the "Field" of stainless steel or can be purchased separately from the kit, then one set of chrome razukomplektovyvat will not, and it is therefore very different sums.
  4. Aluminum .Rare species, but on our roads can be found.Many feel that the soft aluminum and its use in body kits unacceptable and inappropriate, but look at the more "advanced" model car industry.BMW and Audi for decades used aluminum and its alloys in the suspensions of their cars, and this is quite a strong argument.However, the aluminum body kit on the "Field" can be done only under the order, find it on store shelves is extremely difficult.

Designated installation

Probably the first thing he wants to see the owner of the "Niva" in his car - it kenguryatnik.Although since the end of 2008 his unit was prohibited, this fact does not stop motorists.Kenguryatnik main purpose - the protection of the engine compartment sink in the event of a frontal collision.

On the front of the vehicle, namely, the lower edge of the bumper, you can install the longitudinal pipe skirts oblong shape with an internal lock.

For extreme off-road drivers and fans (as an alternative to kenguryatnik and tubular body kit) may be advisable to strengthen the entire bumper with an additional mount for the winch and the metal case protection.This design is more or less universal, but its installation will have to make a few holes in the longitudinal members of the body.

Then you can add enhanced thresholds established for established.In addition to the aesthetic function, they take on some of the practical additions - step is very useful when getting into a car.

rear bumper as the front should not be ignored.For him, it provided protective tube similar to the front and will not prevent additional gain setting parts that will come in handy in city traffic.

for tourists, fishermen and hunters, and for the sake of brutality, you can recommend a kit to "Field" in the form of a ladder, which is attached to the back door.If you have an expeditionary carrier, without the ladder you just do not get along.There are instances infrequently, but it looks very nice and added a solid car.

Plastic kit on "Niva»

Regarding plastic can say only one thing - cheap and cheerful.For installation do not need special skills and tools, it is enough a simple screwdriver or a screwdriver.

choosing a plastic bumper kit, please specify the material thickness and quality.The same applies to the side plates and a spoiler.

arch extensions made of plastic are an integral part of the body kit, fulfilling both aesthetic and practical role.The car looks to them is much more solid and beautiful, and the construction of arches to protect the body from departing from under the wheels of gravel and other dirt.

Components Included with arches are thresholds, door trim and décor on the rear bumper.Once all parts of the car is largely transformed and looks quite presentable.

Do not buy cheap skirts made of plastic, it is thin and wear out quickly.And even if the plastic is attached to the conscience, its thickness does not allow to keep the paintwork.

Price question

cost can vary widely depending on the type (plastic, steel) and form (chromium, thickness), t. E. On which it was chosen kit in the "Field".Price below 10 000 rubles.not worth your attention, because what you get for the money, it will fall apart after a few thousand kilometers.

As such, there is no ceiling price, the amount of the kit can reach up to 70 thousand rubles. And because it all depends on your needs and financial capabilities.