Lyudmila Chursina - biography, filmography and personal life (photo)

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is no exaggeration if we say that the actress Lyudmila Chursina loved by millions of viewers not only in Russia but also abroad.She - extraordinary beauty, talented man, a woman of mystery.Chursina not proud of his unusual appearance and numerous awards.As a child, she dreamed of becoming a collective farm chairman, and became a famous actress.She was not interested in diamonds and fur, its entrance serves limousines, and she was leaving the subway.She begged to move to Hollywood, and she remained in his impoverished country.


Can you remember what dreamed as a child?Lyudmila Chursina remembers.Her main desire in the age of three had to eat their fill.Childhood actress had the hardest war and postwar years.Biography Lyudmila Chursina began tragically.She was born a month after the attack on the Nazis of our land.It happened near Pskov July 20, 1941.My father had gone to the front, and her young mother, Genowefa, my grandmother went to the hard way from Riga to Vitebsk to relatives.Train times got under bombardment, and during one of them passengers scattered in all directions, began a terrible crush, and her mother lost her baby girl in a potato field.It is two o'clock looking baby among the mutilated bodies, exhausted and quite was gathered back to the train when she heard a faint squeak.The girl filed a mother a sign that she wants to live.

sad memories

Relatives did not get the family and stayed in Dushanbe, in a tiny room in a communal apartment.Ludmila's grandmother and mother lived, which sometimes managed to get on the collective farms bit rotten carrot or potato peelings - so they ate.Behind the wall lived wealthy neighbors, who almost every day cooked semolina.The most vivid childhood memories of the actress are hiking with her grandmother on the market.Holding on to her skirt, the girl eagerly looking at the fragrant cakes, fragrant melons, bright and ripe watermelons.All this luxury they could not afford.Many years later, becoming a famous actress Lyudmila Chursina arrived in Dushanbe on tour.First she went to the market where, without selecting and without haggling, bought up pomegranates, peaches, cake, watermelon.Then he closed in the hotel room and began tearfully to eat all this wealth, remembering hungry childhood.

sign of fate

Her school friend always wanted to become an actress.Ludmila Chursina photo, which you can see in this article, dreamed of something more global: to build planes or lead collective farm.But her plans were not destined to come true.Biography Lyudmila Chursina changed dramatically when she decided to go for a company with a friend in Moscow and joke with her filed documents in the Shchukin School.Girlfriend failed exams and became a student of Ludmila.So she stayed in the capital.She was given a place in a hostel.Student scholarships are not enough even for bread.So beautiful and proud future actress Lyudmila Chursina settled in native school to wash the floors.In the morning rose in five hours through the city on the bus was traveling in the "Pike" and soap audience.Then she went to school, which lasted until late in the evening.Hungry and tired came to the hostel around midnight.

actress and director

Quite unexpectedly for himself in college Lyudmila Chursina from students and teachers to learn that she is beautiful.I believe it not at once.Since childhood, the girl considered herself clumsy fawn.Skinny, tall and awkward, with long arms and legs and a large head.And besides, the fortieth the size of the leg did not give confidence.On this occasion, it is terribly complexed, stoop, and seemed to say: "I'm sorry that I have."A tall, fair-haired beauty, student filmmakers noticed very quickly.Already during his studies Lyudmila invited to appear in the movie.During this period, she played his brilliant role in the film "When the trees were big", "On Seven Winds", "Morning Train", "Two Lives."On the set of the film "Don novel" broke affair with actress famous Soviet film director Vladimir Fetin.But it was not love in the ordinary sense.The talented director, a war veteran, a good, decent man aroused the young actress admiration and respect.Over time, these feelings become stronger and grew into affection.

Lyudmila Chursina: personal life

actress and while much later accused that she had broken the family Okrut director.But when they met, Vladimir was already divorced and lived quite alone in Leningrad.Ludmila lived in Moscow, every weekend she was sent by train to his handpicked successor.When the director has matured to the marriage proposal, Ludmila did not think for a minute - and has moved to Leningrad.This is despite the fact that she had to leave work in the Vakhtangov Theatre, which she did immediately after graduation.For the actress with no experience was a rare success.After marriage Fetin wife took in several films, including those in the greatest film of all time, "Love Spring".She starred in other directors.A spouse, unfortunately, career petered out.Surviving professional failures, he began to drink.Lyudmila Chursina one earning money for the family.She desperately struggled for life of a loved one, beg, plead, talking.Then she began to drink, and she came to her senses only Kamenoostrovsky bridge, which has come to commit suicide.Despite her strong belief that marriage is necessary to leave once and for all life, she decided to divorce.

second husband became a popular actress scientist oceanographer who was as handsome as a god.As it turned out, it was a random person in her life.Biography Lyudmila Chursina was such that she met another man.He was the son of Yuri Andropov.However, at the first meeting of Lyudmila he did not know who is Igor.They lived for seven years and broke up when the woman realized that the love has gone.Fans often wonder where they live and what do children Ludmila Chursina.On this subject, the actress does not like to talk about.It is her pain and unfulfilled dream - she never had a child.But Lyudmila never felt lonely.Around it are always a lot of friends and relatives, and her nephews replace children.


Biography of actress Lyudmila Chursina could have been different.Appearance and talent of this extraordinary woman appreciated abroad.Once in the State cinema we received a telegram which said that Lyudmila Chursina invited to Hollywood to shoot once in fifteen films.The actress was called on the carpet and told her of the Soviet woman should not accept the proposal as, perhaps, the capitalists will offer her to undress in front of cameras.By then Lyudmila learned to all problems philosophically: not allowed - do not.Frustrating it is only in those cases when they lose loved ones or leave them.

secret of youth

In times of restructuring, as well as many talented actors, Chursina lost her job.She was offered the role, but they were so empty and uninteresting that even left without a penny, it is to give them up.To think seriously about the housekeeper.Why not?Chursina Lyudmila in youth mopping the floors in the classrooms.It was possible to refresh memories, she is not afraid of work no.It is the way she called the director of the Moscow theater and offered role.Lyudmila immediately went to Moscow.Since the space in the dormitory she was not given, had to stop at a long-standing admirer of her talent in a wooden dilapidated house on the outskirts of the capital.One and a half years she wandered on friends and only then was able to get a two-room apartment.Life began to improve.Prompted the shooting, role in the theater and cinema.These fees do not spend it, and are going to help the family's younger sister and mother.

Today Lyudmila A. '73.It is still in service, is not inferior to the young.For her, the main thing - the welfare of family and work.She does not dream of eternal youth, makes plastic surgery.Just rejoice every single day, helping family and works hard.


Filmography Ludmilla Chursina so great that present it in a short article is impossible.Therefore, we will introduce you with only the most vivid and interesting work.

war film "Spring on the Oder" (1967)

war ends, the events unfolding in Germany in April and May 45th.On the dusty roads of war, there are different meeting.So Lubentsov met Major and surgeon Tanya Koltsov.In the 41st they both came out of the environment, and then they parted ways.Now they have to go along the roads of Germany ...

Melodrama "Crane" (1968)

film about the fate of Russian women, which made all the hardships of war, and no less severe of the postwar period.Crane - the so-called his wife Martha, her husband Peter Lunin.They returned from the front, those who survived, but among them no husband Crane, he will not go back ever.Many in the village is haunted by the beauty of the proud beauty, but it will always remain true to the memory of his love ...

historical film "The adjutant of his excellency" (1969)

of a five about red tape scout Koltsovo sent to the White Army Headquarters with a special mission.The film is based on real events.

Drama "Privalov's Millions" (1972)

film is based on the novel by Mamin-Sibiryak.Sergei Privalov, the heir to a vast fortune, returned to his hometown.Examine belonging to it works, he's going to upgrade them, wants to improve the lives of workers, to build a school and a hospital, but his interests clash with the interests of the local rich ...

Detective "And that's all of it" (1977)

Serial movie.Events unfold in a Siberian logging enterprise, where the tractor driver was killed Eugene century.Investigate the matter comes from Moscow Investigator Prokhorov ...

Drama "The Countess" (1991)

This beautiful romantic story takes place in an ancient Russian farm, which is now the House of creativity of the Union of Writers.On the eve of New Year's elderly, but still a very attractive woman, Nina with the children in populated quarters of the Countess.It also works on a new novel and a talented young writer Nikita Shuvalov under the guidance of an experienced and mature master.Nikita and Nina are introduced, and despite the difference in their ages, are addicted to each other.The young writer claims that his new friend is very similar to the Countess ...

drama "Dying is no big deal" (1991)

film about the tragic story of a family of Russian intellectuals, who had been deported in 1935.The mother of young children Xenia forced to become an informer.Threats, overt bullying is not afraid of the young woman.But it turns out, its further fate is sealed ...

Romance "Another Life" (2003)

fate of Pauline does not differ from the fate of young women in provincial towns.After school, she got married, had a baby.Increasingly, she began to think about what awaits her in the future in this godforsaken corner.Before the eyes of an example of a lucky friend who married a Muscovite, and now lives rich and happy.A young woman leaves the child and his mother went to Moscow in search of happiness ...

Detective "Vaccine" (2006)

beauty contest "Russian pearl" is always accompanied by some kind of terrible events.One girl tragically died, the other was doused with boiling pitch, the third female candidate to win had disappeared.After some time in the Moscow newspaper published a letter, supposedly coming from the girl disappeared.In them, she says that the terminally ill, the young man had left Anton.In the picture enclosed in a letter, she is with a guy who as two drops of water similar to the well-known city in the successful management of a large company Oleg.Since then, the young man's life turns into hell.All accuse him of cruelty and inhumanity.He tries to defend himself, but only aggravates the situation ...

In conclusion

in Soviet and Russian cinema many beautiful and talented actresses.But Lyudmila Chursina - beautiful at all times and for all peoples.In his youth, it was called Russian Sophia Loren.And today we can say that over this woman is not timeless.