How to make up beautiful eyes Secrets of originality

modern make-up - it's an art to master is not so simple, it is not given to each lady.We have to seek the help of experts cosmetologists, consult with them, how to make up beautiful eyes, like lipstick that looked more a shade of concealer to use some lipstick.But each time to cosmeticians will not run (it was too expensive, and not always have the time for it), so try to understand themselves slowly.Most problematic in make-up - it's still like a beautiful eye make up.That's about it and talk.

There are many techniques, depending on the type of eye shadows and a lot podvodochnyh eyeliners of different colors.For color types (almost all women are aware of the existence of several types of colors - spring, summer, winter, fall, and only a few know what type they belong to) have their own tricks.And also do not forget about the respective season, fashion trends and other subtleties.Do Well in all this will deal directly?Let's start with the rules of eyeliner.

Now find out how to make up eye liner.Thi

s is also a lot of nuances.Any misstep - and all the magic eye makeup disappear.That's how you use a liner, will depend on the type of make-up: East (eyes completely dyed eyeliner, from the outside of the century is a long "tail" of shadows and eyeliner), classic (without eyeliner or eyeliner soft tones, hardly noticeable), glamorous(bright eyeliner different colors), smoky makeup (gray around the contour of the eye).

different effects can be achieved by varying the structure of the liner (liquid eyeliner, pencil, glossy).What is right for you, you can see only if you start experimenting.For example, liquid eyeliner gives your eyes the effect of sharp lines, and therefore not suitable for young eyes.It also looks better in the business make-up, especially if you hold high office.

You can draw a thin line of eye lash line, having closed top and bottom line in the outer corner of the eye (the classic make-up), but you can assign different accents: extend the eyeliner on the lower eyelid and the inner corner of the upper eyelid outer corner;eyeliner will look nice if a line in the outer corner of the eye to round up a bit.The original is considered eye makeup, which extended from the bottom line of eyeliner and a little bit back from the top line (2mm).If the lower eyelid to bring not the lash line and just above (inside), eyeliner quickly greased.

By focusing on internal or external corners of the eyes, you can even adjust their distance from each other: in order to increase the distance, summing only the outer corners to reduce - internal and external, but internal need to be touched up more clearly.

even more difficult to deal with the problem - how beautiful make up eye shadows.From the amount of shadow on the eyelids, the intensity of staining, from the color shades will depend on the whole image.

most important thing - to pick up shades of shadows that match the color of the eyes, to your tsvetotipu.Gray eyes, their depth and charming beauty can emphasize the dark gray shades or bright blue shadows, soft green.And you can adjust the color shades of the same color as the eyes (eye color seems more like a blue rather than gray).Gray eyes fit and bright pink shade, looks very original.For green eyes often pick different shades of green and gray and purple.Blue eyes is best to emphasize the brown shadows, shades of beige, gold, with blёskami.So they look the most mysterious, charmingly.

With shadows can even change the shape of the eye: small visually enlarge the game bright colors, creating a multi-layered makeup, deep-set - shadows with glitter.Eyes with a fold in the upper eyelid highlight line on the upper eyelid, just above the lash line.And should lead the line from the outer corner of the eye and a little more middle of the eye.

The way you inflict shadow, and it depends on whether you meet the situation.The fact that there is a limit, depending on the reason for which we painted.For example, make a date to be inconspicuous, dim, neposhlye.The operation can be painted expressive, but not too bright.But in the evening, you can make up for the holiday and bolder.

How nice to make up eyes mascara?Modern mascara has a number of advantages as compared with that made five years ago.Whichever you choose mascara (if only quality), it will not form lumps, glue eyelashes, drain with them.Highlight your eyes with modest makeup mascara will help with the effect of volume.To look a little more modest use mascara with lengthening effect.

So acquainted with a lot of options, how to make up beautiful eyes, we can only choose and use a method more suitable for you.Boldly experimenting, the only way you will find an unforgettable image in their unique performance.