How to cook a real Italian risotto in multivarka

Ah, the Italy!With its endless fiesta and delicious food, delights the soul and stomach.Probably not such a tight man who would not love Italian cuisine, with its dizzying aromas, pleasant texture and taste divine.Try the national dish should be in restaurants and cafes for local - that is where you can learn and rasprobovat real taste of Italy.If you still can not visit this sunny and hospitable country, try to implement any proprietary recipe in your home kitchen.Here's a tip: Prepare the risotto in Italian multivarka.

Figure in the Italian style

This dish from rice does not seem like nor on what another.Some compare risotto pilaf, but in reality it is completely different taste, texture and cooking method.Italian cuisine has a pleasant creamy consistency, slightly viscous, which makes the taste even more originality.The main component, of course, is rice.It can be prepared with all sorts of additives.Let's see, what.

Delicate risotto with seafood

first we learn to make risotto with seafood in multivarka.Why not on the stove?Just this method is more convenient and is considered to be more gentle, which means that all the taste and benefits are preserved better.

attack.One onion peel and finely chop.The container Multivarki pour 40 grams of olive oil and turn the mode "Baking."Passer onions a few minutes, then sprinkle in the washed rice (300 grams) and cook for about three minutes until transparent.The lid at the same time turn a blind do not need to.Add a teaspoon of saffron.Now pour in 200 grams of dry white wine and a liter of fish or vegetable broth.Cook the risotto in multivarka 15 minutes in the "low pressure."Then Stir in seafood cocktail (500 grams), salt to taste, stir and cook for another 5 minutes.Put a hot dish in a bowl and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.Figure in Italian ready!

fragrant mushroom risotto

One of the most delicious variations of risotto - mushrooms.In multivarka this dish cooked very easily.First, in the same way as in the previous recipe, fry the onion until golden.Add to it crushed clove of garlic.White mushrooms (200 grams) to clean and cut into cubes.Rice (2 cups) washed, and send it all to the onions to brown.After a few minutes pour half a glass of dry white wine, stir until it evaporates completely.Adding the 100 gram of of cream, a glass of broth and a little water, stir and close the lid.We establish a regime "Extinguishing" and are preparing a 15 minutes.Sprinkle the finished dish is almost 50 grams grated cheese, chopped herbs and leave to languish a few more minutes.Then immediately serve.

taste authentic risotto, without leaving home

So quick and easy to cook risotto in Italian multivarka.Prescription recommend using rice Arborio or Carnaroli - this variety will allow to achieve the desired consistency: slightly viscous, kremooobraznoy.Ideal cheese that Italians often use this cheese.It is salty and hard - what you need.Taking the proposed recipes you can make in multivarka risotto with vegetables, chicken, shrimp, spinach and other ingredients to your taste.Experiment and enjoy Italian dishes at home.