How to get rid of the evil eye

It often happens that the usual pace of life violate circumstances beyond our control.Sometimes we do not know, why running out of vital forces occur quarrels in the family and long sermons chief.At such moments, even the most inveterate skeptics are beginning to think that their life intervened something more than just a dark stripe.Unfortunately, our world is populated not only kind and helpful people, but also those who, using their supernatural powers, trying to spoil our daily life.Many experts and even doctors advise people not to ignore the bad luck in his life patiently and carefully observe the course of events, to accurately determine whether or not they themselves are the culprit for the failure or power top hamper normal life.

Sometimes even the biggest skeptics are interested in the question of how to get rid of the evil eye.Our ancestors for centuries found ways to warn against this.Very effective is this: pour in a cup of water and a little scoop a tablespoon, then through the door well pour back into the mug.After this procedure is offered drink this water with the person to whom you do not trust.

Many argue that it is worth considering about the damage in the event that for a long time you see strange things and events on the doorstep of your home or workplace.These include: a puddle of water on the threshold, foreign objects in the apartment, etc.When you have seen on your doorstep strange objects such as coins, salt, grain, water, or, even worse, the earth, the need to take action and learn better how to get rid of the evil eye.

Get rid of the effects of the evil eye may be people who have a strong bioenergy or else those in which spiritual development is at a high level.At risk are infants, rude and ill-mannered people, pensioners, especially those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.Tips our grandmothers told how to identify damage or the evil eye.For this you need to put a glass of water over your head and pour the egg there, uttering these words: "Take from me all the bad things."In the morning, if you discovered that the egg will be strings, you can be sure that you imposed damage.You have to stir the mixture and pour.In order to protect themselves from the evil eye, there is a proven way: when you praise, bite your tongue slightly and mentally say the phrase: "I wish you the same as you did."And then you can be sure that the evil eye will not act.

Going on the road, superstitious people think, how to protect themselves from the evil eye.There is an ancient and very simple way: the pin to attach to clothing.But this procedure has some peculiarities.Is required to attach the pin to the inside of the garment, on the left side, that is closer to the heart.The head of the pin should be towards the ground.At the end of your journey, you have to look at the pin - when it unbuttoned, then put a spell on you, and if it does disappear, it was made an attempt to your evil eye.

addition to the question how to get rid of the evil eye, often people are confused how to determine the damage.One popular way is a method of determining deterioration with water, and wax.You must melt the beeswax in a metal container.Then ask one of the members of your family to one over your head (if you think you are the object of the evil eye), this wax is poured into the water.During this process, they should be uttered the following words: "I did not pour-utter, pouring-reprimands from the servant of God (name) Mother Holy Mother of God with all the angels, archangels, saints and patrons.In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. "While the wax will harden into a bowl, you should read the "Our Father."Then you look at the picture.If you see that the walls of the resulting pieces are smooth, you can be assured that the trouble has happened to you on the prevailing circumstances, no one wanted to interfere with your well-being.Now that you have an idea of ​​how to get rid of the evil eye, you can confidently protect yourself and your family.