How to Make Money: delivery of messages to the light

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idea Kinzelli American Paul, author of the project, entirely based on the people's faith in the afterlife.Kinzelli this belief operates in full, successfully earning her.

Site a postal delivery service messages from this world to the terminally ill through the people who are the messengers.

People who want to deliver a message of deceased loved ones, pay $ 5 for every word of his message (the number of words in the message must be at least five) and then the delivery service to the light hires messenger or courier fromthe number of seriously ill people who learns by heart the message that after death accurately transmit the text to the recipient.

messenger to remember well the content of the messages to the deceased recipient - Courier periodic examinations.By the way, customers promise that "postman", which is to deliver the message of the deceased, be sure to pass away within a year, according to the diagnosis the doctor.But if suddenly, and fortunately for the patient, it is getting better, the money will be returned to the customer in full.

Thus, the author of service delivery of messages to the light Floor Kinzelli not guarantee delivery of the message: the customer pays for delivery of the message is not dead, but only the delivery attempt.

AfterlifeTelegram The site provides a number of reasons why a message may not reach the dead, among them reinkaranatsiya and no afterlife at all, and problems with getting into heaven and hell, and so on.

Drinking delivery service messages for the dead AfterlifeTelegram ambiguous.Many people accuse Paul Kinzelli for what he's just cashing in on someone else's grief.What Kizelli states that do not earn money for their services.

to death Courier funds kept in a safe life, and then, according to the will of the deceased or go to pay medical bills or transferred to relatives or donated to charity.

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