How can I see mold on the walls of buildings

Quite often, owners of all types of buildings faced with unpleasant problem, asking: "How can I see mold on the walls?".This phenomenon can be observed on all surfaces.Unpleasant spots appear on the walls in the bathroom and the bathroom on the tile or painted walls.Mold not only spoils the appearance, but also contributes to the destruction of building materials.However, the most dangerous thing is that there were stains negative impact on human health.

How to withdraw the mold on the walls?Of course, it should be possible to simply disguise.However, disputes the parasite will continue to penetrate into the body, causing his allergies, respiratory tract infections and many other diseases.And it suffers from mold mostly elderly people and children, ie those with weakened immunity.

main cause of unpleasant spots is damp.That is why there is a mold, usually in the bathrooms.However, it is not immune from it and other rooms with high humidity.

How to withdraw the mold on the walls?This process can be performed through effective methods.To remove stains, remove the layer of coating material on which they were formed.After that the surface must be treated with any anti-fungal agent, which comprises fungicides - substances that destroy any kind of mold.These preparations can be used for preventive measures to prevent staining in the future.The effectiveness of the means used is in direct proportion to the period during which it is active.These drugs include "Fungisprey."

Before you bring the mold on the walls, you can at home to cook a special solution.In that case, if the spots is small, it is recommended to take advantage of the hydrogen peroxide.In order to solve the problem of how to remove mold on the wall, you can use regular bleach.However, it is worth remembering that the evaporation of this substance in its pure form are harmful to health.To remove stains and white suit.It is diluted with water in a ratio of three to one.

The display mold on the walls, if she is grown?To perform this procedure bred in ten liters of water a kilo of copper sulfate.The same amount of water can be diluted in a volume of formalin sorokaprotsentny two hundred fifty milliliters.This tool will also be very effective.

used to remove stains and preparations "Cerezyme", "Stromiks", "Antigribok" and others.They can be purchased at specialty stores.

Before cleaning the surfaces should be free of foreign objects and give them to dry.To carry out the procedures required work clothes and rubber gloves.With a cloth soaked in the prepared solution, processed infected place.The procedure is repeated two or three times after the surface has dried.If within five days of the spot does not disappear, the infected places are processed again.
It is worth remembering that the issue of removing the mold from the walls is very important.That is why the problem occurs, you should not hesitate.