What a mixture of good?

Everyone knows that the best food for the newborn - the breast milk.Unfortunately, it often happens that for medical reasons breastfeeding is not possible.In such situations, saving mixture.The parents wish for their children only the best.What a mixture of good?For newborns to choose her?What to look for when buying?What the manufacturer to choose?It's so important that the baby gets along with all the necessary food for rapid growth and proper development!

mixtures for infants matched according to age: for newly born babies appeared, for children from 3 months, 6 months.The composition of the product for those who are under three months, close to breast milk.What a mixture of good?For newborns because so many of them in shops and pharmacies.

Most blends are made based on cow's milk, there is a goat.Manufacturers removed from the mixture components that may cause allergic reaction, reduce the amount of proteins, slightly changing their composition: casein proteins are added to and rapid serum.The baby food is added maltose, and lactose, all animal fat is replaced with vegetable.The mixture was further saturated fatty acids enriched with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.The composition of food for toddlers must include iodine, taurine, nucleotides.With these tricks baby food gets really full.

What mixture opt for a newborn?The first is to consult a pediatrician.Knowing about the features of the body of the child, he will tell you what to look for when buying food for the baby.Equally useful are reviews and mothers, babies that are bottle-fed.Most often, parents are advised to pay attention to such mixtures as "NAS", "Babe", "Similac".They fully meet all the requirements.

mixtures for babies "NAS" - a product of the Dutch company Nestle.They have proved only with the best hand.The composition of infant food products that includes whey (demineralized), skim milk, vegetable oils identical animals, taurine, lactose, iodine, fish oil, whey protein, soy lecithin, vitamins and minerals.Mixtures "NAS" enhances immunity without causing profuse vomiting.

What good mix?For newborns which is more appropriate?Reply uniquely difficult.Every mom to pick their own product that is best suited to her child.The human body is different.That mix that works for one child may not work for another flatly.It is necessary to listen to the recommendations of a pediatrician and follow the baby's reaction to a particular composition.Mixes for the little ones must include probiotics - beneficial bacteria that help the child assimilate the new product.

What a good mix?For newborns is better to choose a mixture of domestic manufacturers or foreign?The difference is not so great, both in quality and price, so you can choose the ones that are more suitable in composition.If after eating the baby does not become irritable, if well asleep, awake, playing, then there is no reason for concern, then the mixture is suitable.In case of problems with a chair, with abundant regurgitation, colic should consider replacing the baby food to another.