How to cook scrambled eggs with milk quick and tasty

Omelette - one of the classic dishes.He is not only tasty, but also useful.Probably not on earth a man who would never have tried some kind of omelet.This is a popular breakfast in many people from different nations of the world.


believed that its origin is obliged omelette French cuisine.While these dishes, which included eggs, can be found in ancient recipes of different nationalities.One example could be an omelet with the milk in a pan with different fillings.According to legend, one of the Emperors Joseph I, lost in the woods while hunting, went to the house of the poor.Anyone wanting to feed the high-ranking guest, mix all products that were found in his house: eggs, milk, raisins and so on, and fried.Although in the end the dish was not too pleasant view, the emperor had to taste it.And he instructed his cook to the court to figure out how to cook scrambled eggs with milk, to become worthy of the royal table.

the recipe

omelet is one of the egg dishes.Most often it is used as a healthy breakfast, which not only allows you to satisfy your hunger, but also provides an adequate supply of energy to start a new interesting and intense day.In addition, it is easy to prepare dish tastes good, thanks to which many agree is his least daily.How to cook scrambled eggs with milk?You must first prepare the most essential ingredients: the actual eggs and milk.Here, the number of eggs will depend on the frying pan is used for cooking.A fluid (in this case the milk) is taken from calculating half of the shell.This is usually one teaspoon.Eggs should be a good beat to form a stable foam.The best effect can be achieved by separately beaten egg yolks, add them to the milk, and then gradually introduce whipped into foam proteins.Thus prepared scrambled eggs with milk in a pan is also called an omelet souffle.The pan must be warm, brush with butter and then pour it omletnuyu mass.Roast it over medium heat until white and ready to bring on a small fire.

Species recipes

In fact, there are recipes for omelets are vast.It is possible to use different filling, or which is added directly to the dough, or placed on one half of the omelet and then covered with another.Among the different ways of how to cook scrambled eggs with milk, salt isolated bases such as scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, mushrooms.It is also common recipes sweet omelettes, such as raisins.Often omletnuyu weight of the flour is added to make it more dense.

Some tricks

During the long years of preparation, many chefs have come up with their own special tricks.So, for the omelet pan is better to take a massive, heavy having a flat bottom.A whipping eggs better just before the how to cook scrambled eggs with milk.Stuffing should be added to the omletnoy weight gradually, so that it is not settled.The French are usually fried egg omelet only, without adding milk or flour, they believe that this dish should be fine.In addition to milk, you can use water, yogurt or yogurt.

Omelette - a classic dish, while tasty and healthy.With its easy to manage every cooking, so it's worth a try.