How to cook meat strudel

strudel at the time came up with the Germans.In fact, it is a conventional roll or pie filling.Modern cooks know many of these recipes.But there is one nuance: strudel dough for yeast is not used (as is usual in pies) and exhaust (or, in extreme cases, flaky).This makes the product taste is not similar to the other.Depending on the filling taken this layer cake is a fruit, berry, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms, and even fish.Widely known as a meat strudel.For its preparation used stuffing (pork, chicken or beef), black pudding or pluck.The dish gets enough calories and very nutritious.In such an embodiment, the cake may replace a full breakfast or dinner.If more options are sweet desserts, the meat strudel - currently second dish.Its ready to be served as a cold or hot.It all depends on the taste of the hostess.

strudel resembles known to all meat dumplings.Only there are two fundamental differences that make these dishes are different from each other.Firstly, if the ravioli dough without yeast is usually taken, then strudel - hood.Secondly, dumplings made portionwise in small pieces with a filling inside, strudel meat represents a large roll (or cake).After cooking it is cut into pieces and serve with different sauces or gravies.

recipe meat strudel in German is a snap.To make it, you need the following products.

for exhaust test: on the one egg cup flour, 2 tbsp (tablespoons) of vegetable oil, half a cup of water and a little salt (pinch).

For meat filling: 0.5 kilograms of mince (a mixture of beef and pork in the ratio 1: 1) salt, 100 milliliters of milk, an onion, pepper and any spices.

Preparation comes in five stages:

  1. from prepared foods knead dough.Thoroughly mash him not stuck to his hands.Divide the prepared mixture into 3 equal pieces and roll into a ball.Then smeared them with oil, put in a separate bowl and put in the refrigerator.
  2. Prepare the filling.To this onion arbitrarily knife shred and mix with the other components.
  3. the dough from the refrigerator.Putting the three parts together and roll out in one layer on the table, sprinkle with flour.Take the dough with both hands and gently stretch his hands in all directions.
  4. Form a workpiece.To do this, spread a layer on the cutting table and spread it prepared meat filling.Carefully turn off all together in a roll and laid him on a greased baking sheet.
  5. prefabricated Bake in the oven for an hour.Ready strudel take out of the oven and cut into pieces.Now it is possible to apply and wait for the guests deserved compliments in his address.

To paraphrase a famous saying, we can put it this way: "How many chefs - many recipes."Someone is trying to prepare complicated fillings, while others, on the contrary, trying to simplify the process of cooking.For example, some chefs make strudel not in the form of rolls and a pie.To prepare a meat strudel recipe is not necessary to change.It is only necessary to slightly change the step of forming the workpiece.Filling in this case is laid out in the middle of the formation, and the edges neatly wrapped in an envelope and tightly zaschipyvaem.On the surface with a fork to make a few punctures necessary to cake during cooking does not burst and did not lose shape.Ready strudel from the oven and leave to cool on the table, after covering it with a towel.Then it has to be served.Having tried both options, you can easily make sure that the dish is equally delicious and as a roll, and as pie.