Guessing on the beans and so on.

Another time immemorial mankind has tried to find the most different methods for the future.One of these methods is ancient divination beans.It is based on obtaining an odd or an even balance.

There was this divination in ancient times for a very simple reason - the beans have always been under the hand of man.And to this day it is the most common and popular.For this divination characterized by the fact that he has a lot of variations, and this should not be surprising, because different countries are making their cultural orientation.As well, it is not necessary to use only beans.You can use other fruits like them.From this divination beans was less than reliable.

now proceed directly to the process and tell you about one of the species that come to us from the depths of the seventeenth century.

Guessing on beans begins with the fact that you need the beans, and in the amount of forty-one pieces.Once you have prepared them, divide the beans into three piles, not counting.As they say, place them on the "eye".After this, the first of a handful of bean, count four, who put aside.Continue to do this until you have no fewer beans.The residue will be the first line.The second row is also formed.

With regard to the third row, in this case, divide the remainder of the first two lines on arbitrary three piles.It is important to pronounce the following words: I wish, I hope, will be executed.

Now it's time to explain divination beans.The average of the three piles in the front row - is the head, the third - the hand, the average in the second - the heart.The third pile in the third row is called a "foot in the campaign."

The above is considered to be a handful of major, so if zagadyvanii should choose the one that is closest to your question.

So, the head answers regarding the mind, abilities and character of the person.Hand tells of wealth or poverty.Heart tells of sorrows and joys, feelings and love."Foot in the campaign" shows, travel, way, the letters out.

dealt with the designation.Now let's talk about how all the same to interpret tarot beans.If the appropriate pile is an even number of seeds, the outcome of future events is poor.And if odd - it's over, as well as possible.However, you should always pay your attention to the first pile of the series, which addressed all guessing.If in that pile that answers your question is an odd number of beans in the first - even, the decision your problem is still favorable.But on the way there will be some obstacles.Here is an interesting divination.Pretty simple and uncomplicated.

But beyond the future, a man always interested in love and relationships.And here is where to turn.Today, like fortune-telling, there are vast.Most of them take on yuletide spending.So, guessing the name of the wife to do on Christmas Eve.Only in this case it is true.

And how many different divinations today offers us the World Wide Web.Perhaps everything is heard, and many already are in full online fortune telling, among which we can highlight separate divination "thermometer of love."It is very simple, and you can now use it.To do this, you must specify only the name and the name of his beloved.And you immediately know how passionate relationship between you.

Of course, all the latter-day divination interesting.However, preference should be given to those who have already tested for centuries.But, in any case, do not try to guess too often.By the good it will not!