Gesture "goat": its different values

In different countries the same gesture can have very different meanings.This is worth remembering when leaving on vacation.After all, only by making a wrong move your hands, you can offend people.This article will be considered a gesture of "goat": what it means and where it can be applied.

mystical significance

Initially you need to look into antiquity and look for information there.So, it should be noted that the gesture "goat" since ancient times been used in a variety of mystical and religious rituals.If we talk about ordinary people, it is widely used by Europeans and Asians as a protection against the evil eye.It was something similar to today's spitting over his left shoulder.Importantly, in the novel "Dracula", authored by Bram Stoker, the gesture "goat" was protecting it from the impure forces.

Such bending-extension of certain fingers and there in the Hindu culture.So they called it not just a "gesture" and "wise".One of them - "Kara-wise" - very similar to the "goat".And value is almost the same: protection from evil spirits.

Christian culture

This gesture is also used in Christian culture.Namely - the iconography.Its main value is in this case: the transfer of direct speech, whose purpose - to bring the good news.Here gesture "goat" originates from ancient cultures.Then it was used as an accompanying sign of the speeches of Greece and Rome.If you view the book of Mark Fabius Quintilian - Roman rhetoric, which is called "Manual speaker," there is likewise folded fingers means "instruction."


should also be noted that the gesture of the fingers "goat" (or "crown") in one of the first concerts was used by the group Black Sabbath.All fans liked it so much that people quickly he picked up and taken into service.So that this gesture is still and especially for people who prefer this kind of music as heavy metal.

However, the value of his then interpreted in different ways.Indeed, many believe that the hard rock - the music of the devil.That is why the gesture is called "goat" diabolical.E. According to a particular group of people, so to praise Lucifer.And two fingers - index and pinky - mean horn unclean.But it should be noted that this view is far-fetched and energized, as they say, "by the ears."

«Dumb" language

Where else used the gesture "goat"?Meaning it is possible to look and sign language.After all, this "raspaltsovka" there too.

If you do not go too far, in American speech this gesture means a declaration of love.And all because the exposed top two extreme fingers form the letter «u».In a simplified version of the same which means "I love you."Correction: in this case, is set aside in another direction, and not hidden in his fist, the thumb.

If we talk about Russia, then this gesture represents the letter "Y".In French, the letter "H".

Also, this gesture is extremely widely used in sports.Especially in baseball and volleyball.Its main objective in this case - to submit special signals to participants in the game.

Humiliating value

But that's not all.Thus, the gesture "goat" has its offensive value.In many countries, including in the territory of our country, it is used to refer to men cuckolds.E. So often refer to the guys who are their wives or girl periodically change.

is important to note that this gesture in such a context, it is often used fans of football matches, the judge wanting to boo.He thus hinted that it is unfair to judge the match, his wife has a good time with other men.Baby


Well, what is there to do without the kids?In our country the broadest gesture "goat" is used as an element of entertainment for children of all ages.However, in this case, you need not lift your fingers up and send to the baby, and a little bit of wiggle.You can also saying: "There was a horned goat for small children ..." It is able to laugh crumbs.If this is not possible, "goat" can tickle the child.