What are the main features of social groups and communities?

Social Institute, by definition, consists of interconnected social units.The smallest indivisible unit is the individual.It somehow affects the overall social life of the state.

social unit of society

As their activity and inactivity of people largely determines the complex social situation of the state well, adding to the other individuals.Thus, a statistically and together they together constitute the overall circuit.There is also a social association consisting of more than one person.No matter what are the main features of a social group, and generality, it can consist of any number of members from two or more.

Why is it important to study the social communities and groups

social units independently participate in the social life of the state, largely determining the orientation of the device and the state institutions.It is therefore imperative to engage in their learning.Sociology examines the main features of social groups and communities, and trends in their behavior patterns and the subsequent formation of the activity, as well as features of the interaction of members of associations within the structure, and the ability of the association to influence the surrounding environment.

Arbitrary community

Any association of people with something in common, can be called a community.They have common interests and similar views on life.However, not all these associations can be called social.These associations can be delineated geographically or temporally separated.People who have similar interests, may not even know about each other and not to seek to any specific structure or joint activity.They can not express their stance and does not have a clear motive.If the direction of association is not formalized, and it does not have a specific goal, it can not be called social.It does not conduct social activities as a separate, independent member of the social life of the state.Then what are the main features of social groups and communities?

When the community becomes social

members of social associations have similar social aspects of life.This may be similar to the social position, status or need for joint social activities, as well as the cultivation of the same values.Such association always has the overall objective, to which all the members, and it usually has a common charter.Although the concept of the statute here takes very vague framework because not all social associations exist formally.In an informal environment, the rules and regulations also exist, but they are mostly set behind the scenes and do not have rigid parameters.

social community

social community is the union in the broader sense of the term, including in its definition and in part of the group.What are the main features of a social group, as opposed to the community?This is determined not by quantity, but according to some features that characterize social unit.Social community can be a union that is a complete system, and which can act as a formed unit.The main features of the social group are as for the community, unity, membership, and usefulness.Unity within the social community also has a rather blurred boundaries, because such formation can be formed at different periods of time - from hours to demonstrate the many centuries of belonging to a particular nation or religion.

Membership social community may not be a status, but each member of the association is aware of itself and is involved in common motives and goals.Under the usefulness of community here means self-sufficiency with regard to energy and ideological resources for the continued existence and self-development.

Social Groups

What are the main features of a social group?Connecting people, aimed at the same goal, guided by the same motives, with a single ideology called social community - then what a social group?To understand what are the main features of a social group, it can be considered against the background of community.Social group - it is more specific education, which has all the hallmarks of a social community, but has a clear structure.Usually, this group has established a leader, a certain set of rules to which all members of the association are familiar and which they adhere, and most importantly - members directly interact with each other.That is, they are actively involved in the activities of all public unit.Uchtastie, moreover, are often regulated.They contact each other and are located in the same area.In modern society, the concept of territory in the present case must be considered not only as a physical, but also as an interactive space, provided that there are still the main features of the social group.Social communities and groups are the real ones, existing in a particular time and space, which can be described by empirical measurements.

Small social groups

small social group is a community of people united by a single activity, common interests, motives and goals.Here, as in the simple social group members interact with each other to achieve the result, but especially small social group is that all members know each other personally.As the number of members of the small group there is no single opinion.Some sociologists are inclined to believe that the number of participants can vary from 2 to 15, while others claim that this figure can not exceed 10, and someone thinks that even a group of 20 people capable of sustainable livelihoods with all specific properties of such a union.

Nevertheless, we can identify the main features of a small social group: number of members, fluctuating within 7-9 people;direct contact between the parties;common goals and ways to achieve them;Team work;localization in a certain area and a certain time.Also, basic and no less important features of small social groups are recognizing foreign member of the group as a part of this group, hierarchical system, logistics and distribution of tasks among members of the association.