How to decorate a cake at home?

There are several options on how to decorate a cake: you can use the fruits and berries - and then get the perfect summer treat.You can make ornaments from dough to sculpt a real loaf.You can even try using a paste or icing on the cake - only need to know when to stop.

adorn not only sweet cakes and desserts.In America on Thanksgiving hostess thinking how to decorate a cake with pumpkin or meat - a traditional dish on the table.Most baked pies with cabbage - pies, and so their edges or cut in the middle, too, is decorated with stucco.

decoration fruit

This option is good for dessert stuffed with apples or plums, custard or cheese.We need to take bananas, apples and oranges and cut into slices.Prepare and dilute the gelatin with fruit filling (easier to buy in the store raspberry or strawberry jelly and dissolve it in the proportions).Before you decorate a cake, pick a beautiful ornament from the fruits: they can spread layers, densely positioning rings to each other.Top with a little fruit - halved strawberries and raspberries, cranberries and currants.Pour all this jelly so that the weight does not come out of the stuck together in advance of the test bumpers.Place the cake in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.You can even sprinkle top with powdered sugar.

decoration dried fruit

Actually, thinking about how to decorate a cake, many housewives still trying to deal with improvised means: suddenly kiwi or oranges are not bought - but poppy powdered sugar or must somewhere be still on hand.Come to the aid of pre-cut cardboard stencils or purchased.With the help of these powdered or you can draw on the poppy cream.For cakes always suited sour cream, at least - oil and on the basis of condensed milk.It is also possible to prepare whipped icing sugar and citric acid protein.

Decorating test (mesh)

Probably a cake decorating strips of thin dough was invented to prevent the "go" filling during baking.It turns a beautiful fruit basket.

Pre-roll dough.Divide it into two layers - bigger and smaller.Most embarks on a cake - let it be a kind of "food" with borders, which we put into the fruit and cream.Good shortbread or gingerbread dough.

Part of that smaller, cut into thin long strips, preferably with a knife, nail file, to get a nice jagged edges.Share parallel stripes on the cake, and top - perpendicular to them exactly the same layer strips.The trick is that we should lift the bottom and "spin" with their bars on the cake.By the way, a strip can be put instead of fruit - nuts and M & amp; M's.Such decoration of cakes and cupcakes are very popular in America.

With regard to the edges of the cake - they need to close up and put up patterns using a fork or knife.And it is possible a little more work and braid using thin strips of dough pie pigtail on the rim.The main thing - before you send in the oven, brush the top with butter, to obtain a characteristic blush and crisp.