Rules for providing catering services

Companies that carry out this type of activity as the provision of catering services have become extremely popular today.Indeed, various forms of service to the food service permit virtually every modern person to meet many of their needs, not only directly provided food, but also leisure, Organization of holidays and just a pleasant pastime.At the same time many people know that the services provided by public catering enterprises, may carry and the potential threat to health and even life if the conditions of the meal and the products themselves are of poor quality.In order to exclude the possibility of harm to visitors to the caterers state special requirements.These requirements are based on federal law and state standards.Each requirement, in particular the rules of providing catering services must clearly be carried out by each company providing similar services.

basic demands that society and the state holds the catering include:

- a license for this type of activity in accordance with the law;

- mandatory certification of products available in the catering;

- observance of sanitary rules;

- unquestioning fulfillment of the requirements that impose the rules of provision of catering services.

brief look at each of these requirements

  1. license, giving the right to perform catering services.

By law, licensing is getting physical (individual entrepreneur) or a legal special permit that allows you to conduct an activity.

It is worth noting that among the types of activities subject to licensing, no catering services.In other words, the provision of catering services do not require a license.

  1. Hygiene requirements

view of the fact that the products provided by the catering carries a potential threat to the health and human life, now offers food products must meet the requirements of sanitary norms established by law.These requirements are set by sanitary-epidemiological norms and rules.

It should be noted that the health requirements under the law, make not only to the products that makes catering, but also to the staff who participates in the process of cooking and serving.

Thus, caterers in order to preserve the health of the population, have an obligation to pass a special medical examination.

  1. Terms of services catering

rules providing catering services approved by special resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation August 15, 1997.This action has been taken in accordance with the 38th article of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

Following these rules, each catering, regardless of the legal form, must meet the requirements set by state standards, sanitary and fire regulations, technical and regulatory documents.These documents require catering comply with the requirements imposed by the state to the quality of services and products as well as their level of safety for human health and life.Failure to comply with the above requirements entails criminal responsibility of the perpetrators under current legislation.