Guessing on the ash and the wax on the uncertain future and the present precarious

In ancient times, when there was no trace not only the Internet, but even the phone, to obtain information had a very unusual ways.For example, a well-known Giuseppe Balsamo, Count Cagliostro, is widely practiced in their famous sessions Hydromancer (divination by a balloon filled with water).According to eyewitnesses, the wandering magician decorated hall for their performances with grim solemnity.Black silk, gold brocade, heavy candelabra candles, a crucifix on the wall, cabalistic symbols, skulls, filled with different liquids.In the center of rose crystal ball with clear water.After a spell that supposedly muttered Cagliostro in Arabic, the water in the bowl became cloudy.The wife of Giuseppe Balsamo gazed deep into the sphere and spoke about what he sees inside.For more convincing balloon was illuminated from within.Anyone could see it, and human figures, and prophetic inscription.However, those new to the physics of the citizens took the mystic normal process of broadcasting images via an overhead projector.Interest ably supported by the prophetess and Lorentz (in the world, Ms. Balsamo).Attractive appearance, artistic abilities and personal experience acquired in traveling around Europe, allowing the lady to hold the audience's attention.I must say that Count Cagliostro himself amassed a good condition, satisfying curiosity of naive simpletons.However, like most great soothsayers, he failed to anticipate even his own fate and ended his life in prison, in the fortress of St. Leo.

Unfortunately, the number of people willing to profit at the expense of other people's curiosity and superstition today have not diminished.Even fantasy Count Cagliostro pales before modern soothsayers and magicians.Let us take a trick, as the occurrence of paper coffins and crosses.By the way, it has laid down the basis for the well-known fortune-telling on the ashes.In the eyes of the customer pours a fortune teller at a blank sheet of paper powder, most of it is ashes, and then shakes it, and before the eyes of the astonished man appears a clear outline of a coffin or burial of the cross.The reason for this becomes, of course, the adhesive composition, to which the particles adhere.But impressionable visitors, and other fortune-tellers, and do not go already scared and willing to part with a round sum, in order to absolve themselves of damage.

way, divination ash, wax, resin and other plastic materials - it's just a Klondike for all sorts of swindlers posing as predictors.After all, they have to be interpreted in the strange spot with strange outlines.Also on the significance of this or that blyamby can know only the predictor.This is where the scope for the imagination.Tell us more horror and offer correct destiny.Of course, not free.

must say that divination by ashes almost everyone of us are familiar.After all, this is the most simple and affordable Christmas divination.Moreover, it looks quite impressive.The only pity is the prediction here depend solely on the mood of Gad.Good mood in humans - will certainly make out something nice for yourself.Pessimism Comrade easily perceives something threatening in any figure.As you can see, guessing on the ashes - it's more fun than a prediction.The same can be said of divination by wax or coffee grounds.However, there was once such a fortune teller - Madame Lenormand.So it can for this very young lady coffee grounds porasskazat all about her and her wife.However, evil tongues say that Madame used the services of spies.A city at the time were not so great.

terms of divination practices and science of psychology is very interesting Arab guessing on the points on the sand.Its essence boils down to the fact that the fortune-teller should connect arbitrary points between them.The figure resulting from, will be the answer to a question.The veracity of the testimony of this divination may be very high, because in the process directly involved human intuition.By the way, guessing on the points formed the basis of psychoanalysis based on fractal patterns.

Undoubtedly unusual fortune telling, funny predictions and other fun can entertain you and your friends.It is possible at some point in life you want to refer to the divination seriously.But modern Madame Lenormand and Count Cagliostro try to bypass the long journey.Nothing but the material damage, in which case you will not wait.