What is the degree of roasting meat?

If you go to a restaurant and order a steak, be sure to ask the waiter your preferred degree of roasting meat.I know it is necessary not only to ensure that a properly treated any attention to your order cook.You do yourself sometimes fry the meat in your own kitchen, is not it?So let's define how is the degree of roasting your favorite steak.There are five - depending on the amount of time the meat spends on the fire.

degrees of roasting meat and their characteristics

So, the first degree of roasting meat is called «Rare» (literally - raw).An ideal choice for those who love steak downright "blood."Such gourmets are not so many, but a piece of meat with a thick distinct red stripe inside they not exchange for anything.

Next in line - half-baked meat for steak, called «Medium rare».Inside it is still there, but not so thick red stripe, and even meat stands out mainly pink, rather than clear juice.This choice will recommend you do in most restaurants.

meat medium rare is called «Medium».This ste

ak is not inside red and light pink, and the juices secreted by almost transparent.Option for those who are not yet ready to eat raw meat, but is already moving in this direction.

Next is the degree of roasting meat «Medium well» - «almost ready."Sami cooks do not recommend to its clients such steaks, although the meat is quite pleasant to the taste.Moreover, it is ideal for those who are afraid of fire as all raw and neprozharennoe.

Finally, the last level is called «Well done».This is a fully finished piece of meat, fried, as professionals, to the level of the soft soles.What can I say - the blood, of course, here and does not smell.But it certainly was bathed in the heart of the cook, who had to carry out such an order!

way, throw in the extreme and think of the sixth degree of roasting called «Blue rare».This steak that was put on the grill just a couple of minutes to form an aromatic crust.Inside the completely raw meat.Selecting an amateur.

How to fry a steak right?

Now consider an interesting way in which experts define the degree of roasting meat.To do this, relax your hand and push with the other hand on the pad between the base and thumb.I remember the feeling?It thus will be rough and raw meat.Now, brought together the thumb and forefinger.The muscle in the palm exerts little - and you can determine what the touch degree of roasting «Medium rare»

Next in line we have - «Medium».Determine the desired density of the meat, pressing the thumb tip of the middle.As you may have guessed, «Medium well» is determined by the ring finger and «Well done» - with the participation of the little finger.The farther away from the thumb, the stronger muscle tightens it.The denser and firmer meat.It is very easy - try this experiment and you will never go wrong when determining the degree of toasting your steak!

And finally, another useful advice.As you know, the best meat for steaks - it's marbled beef, tender and delicate.It in no way be prepared to complete roasting.From this steak will lose its flavor and juiciness.