The value of the adoption of Christianity in Russia

When the end of the winter we willingly and joyfully celebrate Carnival - we eat golden pancakes, burn effigy of winter, and we dance around the fire, zaklikaet spring - a few of us think about the fact that we mix together the customs and traditions of Rus pagan and Russia Christian.Last week before Lent in the Orthodox Christian calendar called "cheese."Meat is no longer available.But you can eat dairy products - butter, sour cream, cheese.And the butter and sour cream is the best combined with pancakes on pagan tradition symbolizing the sun.The ritual burning of the Winter, Spring Special zazyvanie a song-zaklichkami - is also an echo of paganism.

But such a peaceful and blissful union of paganism and Christianity was not always.988 year has been a landmark in the history of Russia and the country split into supporters and opponents of innovation.The struggle was long and fierce.Proselytizing destroyed the idols worshiped by the pagans, and they, in turn, burned erected churches and killed Christia

ns.But forward-thinking people of the time to understand what the meaning of adoption of Christianity.And it was really great.

importantly, perhaps, was the political significance of the adoption of Christianity in Russia.Reforms undertaken by Prince Vladimir of Kiev, became the first "window to Europe".Before this event, Russia lived in a closed space, having an idea of ​​strangers only as enemies.Constant defensive wars with the eastern nomadic tribes, then with Western invaders Rus accustomed to the idea that we are surrounded by enemies, and more reliable than we isolate, the better.Insulation also led to a further decline of the economy and culture.After the baptism of Rus', the country began to develop and strengthen external relations.First of all, we went to the flow of goods, objects of culture and science of the Byzantine Empire.This country with two thousand years of culture had a huge impact on Russia.The value of the adoption of Christianity in Russia, manifested in the fact that the government of the country has a new, spiritual component.The hierarchs of the Orthodox Church, along with the princes (and later kings) exerted a powerful influence on public opinion, and ultimately on the policy.

Along with the development of political ties strengthen economic, trade.In Russia, there were overseas fabrics, dishes and other household items.Princely chambers were built taking into account the characteristics of Byzantine architecture, came into use interior decoration of churches and princely chambers of artistic painting, jewelry.

cultural significance of the adoption of Christianity in Russia proves the subsequent development of the country.Through the influence of Greek culture, we have the Cyrillic alphabet, the first alphabet, the first manuscripts.After all, the leaders of the Christian church, which we supplied the Byzantine, were the first authors of books - chronicles, teachers Russian priests.These were the most enlightened people who carried the light of knowledge to developing countries.The historic significance of the adoption of Christianity in the fact that Russia has realized like part of world culture.She eagerly absorbed the new things that come to us from the neighboring countries, linking their own, distinctive, with a foreign.From this mix of cultures of different nations and then will develop the great Russian culture, which has itself will have an impact on other countries.

Among other turning points in the history of our country the value of the adoption of Christianity in Russia can not be overstated.It is no accident the people admitted Prince Vladimir who committed this step, equal to the apostles, disciples and followers of Christ, and gave him the nickname of Sts.