As the harvest of the cranberry juice for the winter, and that it can be done?

Kalina - a great plant, which can be either a tree or shrub.She is very beautiful blooms in spring and autumn, when the leaves are already overflying and everything becomes a melancholy gray, pleases the eye with their bright red berries.On the palate, they are quite specific, but after the first frosts are usually sweeter, but the benefits of these fruits is enormous.So try to prepare them in different ways (dried, is ground with sugar and even cook the juice of Viburnum).In winter usually lasts just a few cans to support the immune system and provide first aid to the flu or colds.And it is widely used in cosmetology.So try caring mother and grandmother to provide a magic bullet that his entire family.

How to cook the juice from the cranberry recipe without sugar

tastes quite acidic product is obtained, but the vitamins are stored in it as much as possible.Later in the juice, you can add honey ooze sugar already directly during use.2 kg of berries will need about 500 ml of water.First, they need to be washed and dressed by twigs.Then add water and bring to a boil.Remove from heat, strain through cheesecloth and squeeze out well, then pour into banks and sterilize 15 minutes.They are then sealed and removed in a dark place for storage.It turns out the natural juice of the cranberry.Preparation takes just 30-40 minutes.In winter, open one of these cans, you can cook a delicious fruit compote, juice diluted with water and add sugar, or use pure honey.It is made of jelly and add to the cream cake.It turns out tasty and extremely helpful.

Juice of viburnum in winter with sugar or honey

believed that in this way it is much better kept.And the taste is obtained much nicer.Sugar or honey can be added to their own taste to the finished juice.As a rule, per liter of the liquid takes 500 grams of sugar and 400 grams of honey.The juice was prepared in the same manner as described in the previous case.While the liquid is hot, it is dissolved sugar (available again boil) or medical (in which case it does not boil drink) and poured into jars.Then sterilized and sealed.

use juice in cosmetology

addition to well-known properties of berries, on the basis of products it is possible to do cosmetics.For example, to those who have prepared the juice of viburnum in winter, is not difficult to make a cleansing face mask.It helps to fight acne, it does not dry the skin, nourishing it with vitamins.3 tablespoons of juice to mix with the same amount of low-fat sour cream and apply on face and keep for 20 minutes.It was then rinsed with cool water.

Cook toning lotion little more complicated.But it turns out absolutely natural and perfectly refreshes the skin.Keep lotion better in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.Therefore, for the future it is better not to do.In 100 ml of juice you need to take the same amount of fatty cream and camphor oil, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey with olive oil.All the ingredients are thoroughly whisk blender, pour into a glass dish and send in the refrigerator.

If you prepare juice of viburnum in winter, it can be used to make trays for strengthening nails.It will take the sea (or a regular table) salt - 1 tbspand 50 ml of warm water.First, make a salt solution, then poured to 2 tablespoons cranberry juice.Hands immersed in the liquid and hold about 15-20 minutes.