How to pickle pink salmon at home

salmon family includes several species of fish.Pink salmon among them is small in size.The largest specimens reach 68 centimeters.

have great taste dishes made of pink salmon.Her boil, broil, baked with vegetables or in the test.But the fastest way to prepare is considered salty.Cooked salmon can be purchased in a store or on the market.But more delicious and nutritious is salting, cooked his own.This dish will be much cheaper than a similar product purchased in the store.

Like pink salmon salt at home?Salting red fish - a simple process.Cooking it will not be easy.Season with salt pink salmon whole or divided into portions pieces.

Like pink salmon salt entirely?

need for this recipe:

• small frozen fish carcass;

• pepper;

• salt;

• sugar;

• bay leaf.

To prepare the fish is thawed completely.Burke carcass, removing the head, fins and tail.Thoroughly clean out the inside of the fish.Well split fish washed and lightly dried.Carefully, hooking a sharpened knife, remove skin, cut the fish lengthwise into two parts.Carefully remove the spine and bones.Two layers of pink salmon in this form is used for cooking.

for salting fish, a mixture of twenty-five grams of sugar, sixty grams of salt and pepper, which adds to every woman to taste.Pre-mixed salt pink.Both salted fish reservoir placed in a deep enamel container.If desired, between them put a few bay leaves.Salting with this seasoning will turn fragrant.Capacity cover with a lid and leave for a day prosola.Preparation of pink salmon does not take much time.A day later, the dish is ready to eat.Salted layers cut into thin slices and used for the preparation of various snacks, or eaten as a delicacy.If the fish has turned too salty before cooking it is washed with water.

Red salted fish is not only a whole, but also in portions.As individual pieces of pink salmon to salt?For the preparation required:

• bird fish;

• salt;

• sunflower oil.

carve fish in the same way as in the first recipe.Layers of fish is cut into individual pieces.They should be small and thin enough.Pink salmon are placed in an enamel container layer.All layers pour salt.Laid on top of the fish should be covered with a thin layer of vegetable oil.Vessel with pink salmon is held for five hours in a cool place.After this time the fish delicacy can be used for the preparation of various dishes.

Each woman chooses how to pickle pink salmon - whole or in portions.Both recipes are fairly simple.Salted salmon - a product that is stored for long.Best of all, this dish to be consumed within two days.For longer use container with salt placed in the freezer.

Salted salmon - decoration of any holiday table.It is used for sandwiches, salads, as toppings or snacks.