How to whiten your bathtub at home right

Bathroom in representations of people - is an example of purity.Perhaps that is why manufacturers offer plumbing equipment for bathrooms in traditional bright colors.White - classic color bathrooms, however, as the baths themselves.Over time, many have problems as bleach bath at home.

Bath during a long operation, as well as any plumbing, loses its brightness and attractiveness.This occurs under the action of water, which is rigid and impurities, under the influence of household chemicals and elemental dirt.Lacquer, seemingly durable, eventually gives way to hard water and detergent.And that's when the question arises as to bleach bath at home.A slight contamination is easily removed with baking soda, it gently dissolves the dirt, while not inflict harm the enamel itself.Soda diluted with water to a state of pulp and applied gently to the surface to be cleaned, dried pulp is removed with a sponge.Generally, this procedure must be repeated several times.

yellowness and stains from rust - the traditional problems of cast iron bathtubs.If there was a yellowish color, like bleach bath at home?For its removal is recommended to use citric acid, it is applied to the rust stain and 7-10 minutes wash off with water.Such a method will save enamel coating, but will have to carry out this procedure more than once.To remove the yellow and gray divorces recommend using creamy suspension, designed to clean ceramic surfaces.When cleaning with a soft brush, you will not break the enamel, but will spend a lot of effort.

If yellowing over time, reappeared, then you have to think about the purity of water and maybe even set up filters.Another option how to bleach bath at home can be checked with the help of the people of the method of whitening toothpaste.For its preparation should be mixed in equal shares and ordinary soda ash, vinegar and powdered bleach.Slurry thus obtained is uniformly applied to the surface to be cleaned for 15-20 minutes, then removed by washing with water.The freshness of your bath from a few months to continue cleaning.

If you have to deal with the product of acrylic, they often do not need to use a brush, but with time still will be a question as to whiten acrylic bathtub.This can not be cleaned by means of a bath containing abrasives - disturbed surface layer, and a bathtub covered with microcracks.Acids, alkalis and chlorine are also contraindicated acrylic baths.Brightness and freshness of such baths will return dishwashing detergent.

Also, quite often there is a question as to whiten the seams in the bathroom, that spoil the overall look.Effectively copes with these bleach prepared as follows.7 cups of water taken half a cup of baking soda, stirred well, and then added a third cup of lemon juice and again stirred.At the end of a quarter cup poured more food vinegar.Rub tile seams and a soft cloth soaked in bleach, it is recommended to work in rubber gloves.In the presence of steam, you can whiten your joints jet of hot steam.