How to install the shower: features of

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Shower has long been a popular subject of bathroom interior.The fact that it is an alternative product that may be used in a small room.However, you need to understand how to properly install the shower.Of course, you must first select it.To do so, determine the type of product, its form, material manufacturing and dimensions.

If you do not know how to install the shower, do not be afraid of this process because it is quite simple.Please read the detailed instructions that came with the product.Then Decide whether to be stall instead of a bath, or next to it.You may have to make certain changes to the plan room.Assembling the product is not difficult, just need to make sure that there are included all the details.

So, how to set before the shower, inspect all items.You must be enclosed metal rack from which the frame is constructed products, the side panels and the rear wall (depending on the shape and type of construction), roof, door, and pan through which used water will be discharged.

To install cockpit, it is necessary to pre-assemble.To do this, you need a screwdriver, silicone sealant, flexible corrugated hoses, shower mixer, drill, building a gun, as well as the level.

first step is to strengthen the pan.Of course, before this set all the flexible elements that are responsible for water supply and drainage.The best option is the location of the pallet directly over the sewer hole.You may need additional support elements.Attach the tray need for high-quality glue or cement.Drain hose must be placed at a slight angle.

Further, before installing the shower completely, assemble the frame of the future product.This should be done using a spirit level, so that later you do not have a problem with opening or closing of the door (especially if it is sliding).You can then fasten the back and side panels.

For additional fixation can be treated joints glasses frame silicone sealant that is both an insulator.Securely fix the panel with screws need for which there are special holes in the profile.

Set shower with his own hands is very simple, if all in accordance with the instructions.During operation, try to tighten the screws without too much pressure, so that no glass (plastic) or metal profile is not cracked.It now remains only to correctly and precisely set the door, seal all joints and wait until the silicone hardens.

The last thing you should check the work of the cabin, illumination, additional functions, faucets and shower.If there are any problems, then they must be eliminated.Now that you know how to install a shower.Good luck!